Widecombe Way, Exeter - Hole-in-1, Strapo and Swampy - 12th April 2015

Another good turnout for the hash laid by Hole-in-one, or was it Swampy and Strapo?  Anyway, we started from Hole-in-one's house who even allowed a couple of her neighbours to join in.
The trail took us into Mincinglake Park for a loop, with a Ha Ha for the longs and a couple of other splits in order to keep the pack together.  Poor Bell Toll managed to turn his ankle ahead of the first regroup, but managed to keep going around the rest of the trail.  I was behind him at the time and didn't hear any cracking noises, so hopefully it's not too serious.
This was a trail with not one, but two sweetie stops.  We were very spoilt by the variety of sweets on offer, including the type of jelly beans which actually taste different according to whichever colour you choose.  The fish-hooks did a good job of catching the faster hashers out, with up to 10 having to return to the back hare.
The trail continued past a ruined house and down hill towards the play park where the second sweetie stop took place.  Speedy decided it would be good to have a photograph where the hash spelt out C of E H3 on the bank, so after much faffing around, lying in wet grass, the following photograph was taken.
Following the sun bathing, it was on on along a wooded path and shortly we were On Home.  Hole-in-one had laid on some hot cross buns and we held the circle in her garden.
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Next week's trail is from The Bitz's house in Exmouth, with food to follow.  See map here.

Its supposed to say Cof E H3!
The obligatory slide photo!
Beer and Hot Cross Buns in Hole-in-1's garden


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