Eastcliffe Car Park, Teignmouth - Bollards and Stix - 3rd Jan 2016

No new year’s resolution from Woodpecker or Fancy Liquor to turn up to the hash on time; but they still made it, although the pack were keen for a prompt start due to the wet weather.  The new year had dragged some new faces out including Wick Dipper, Mouldy Dick and family, Glow Worm and son, a Teignmouth resident (whose name I can’t recall) and Coat Check’s twin sister.  The trail headed through the town to the sea-front – complete with large cavity which Swinger knew all about, before heading up Eastcliff to the sweetie stop.  The rain had stopped and the sun was out by this time and the views over the coast were just about visible.  Onwards and upwards through a muddy field to the second long-short split after which the pack came back together to head down through a housing estate and onto the main road.  A check-back took the trail into Mules Park where there were a couple of fallers on the muddy bank, including Stingray and Coat Check’s sister, who was aptly named Skidmark in the closing circle.  

There were fines for the fallers, Bollards for telling the walkers to ignore the fish-hooks and the walkers for ignoring the fish-hooks, as well as the usual late comer and technology fines.

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Regroup and Sweetie Stop

We wondered where she was...


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