University of Exeter - Stix, Bollards, Speedy and Rocky - 3rd March 2019

This week we hashed from outside of the Hatherly Laboratory - parking off the road to save paying!
  • A very rainy cold morning
  • Bollards had an arrow up her leggings
  • All the marks were washed away by the rain
  • We admired the statue of Floella 
  • Spocky was late
  • Woodpecker wasn’t late
  • Mad Max's dog is now understanding human life
  • Bullbait kept saying that he hadn’t seen this part of Exeter before, although he had been living here for 12 years.
  • We ignore the footpath closed signs, and there was a bit of a squeeze getting out the other end.
  • Speedy mislead the shorts
  • Woof Woof went down a path saying that “that's a dead end,” so she decided to go in that direction anyway
  • Lots of slippery bits, Stingray told everyone to be careful then fell over himself
  • Stix brought some home-made tepache to enjoy after the trail - and people actually liked it!  (recipe here:
  • Definitely should win trail of the month
  • February's best trail of the month was a run off between Blobby and Twin Peaks at Alphington, and Strapo and Swampy on Woodbury Common.  The Alphington won on a show of hands, and will be shortlisted for trail of the year in December.
**Now that Rate-the-hash is discontinued, you might be missing the opportunity to offer your own witty comments.  Please comment on this post if you gave photos or words to contribute. ***

Next time we are at Forest Gate Car Park, Ashclyst Forest (map) - hared by Sorepoint and Paperwork Joint with Taunton H3


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