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Hash trophies

Please can we have all hash trophies returned over the next couple of weeks! Bone of Contention   (the 'Groucho' award) - Groucho (for not turning up!) Hare of the Year   - Wide Reciever (he already has the t-shirt!) Sheriff's Shield   (most fines) - Bullbait Funniest Fine   - Sorepoint (but noone knew why?!) Most Laid   - Hole-in-One (at least - she was the haser who individually laid the most - and still has the award from last year apparently!) Pecker award   (most prolific hasher) - Stix Hen Pecker   (most prolific harriet) - Bollards Radiohead Junior Hasher Shield   - Speedy and Rocky Get Outlook for Android

Warren Car Park - Tampa - 24th November 2019

Today's hash was laid from for the Warren car park park laid by Tampa, run number 962. Car Park was packed when we arrived with doggers.  Not very easy to get everyone in! Lots of elite athletes turned up, but not for the hash, (they were doing the Bicton blister.) Howling Wilf predicted a meteor strike on Thursday We predicted rain. Most people were late due to road closures, somehow Woodpecker was on time!  Coffin was the most late - STix asked her whether her whether she was actually planning on hashing! The first long-short the longs ran up by Peter's Pool but thankfully we didn’t go through it. We crossed the path of the Bicton Blister. We got to the sweet stop and we waved at the runners, whilst we shoved our faces full of sweets. On the next long-short split the longs went through some woods and did a loop. From there it was a flat out run with one last long-short split back to the car park. Fines went to Coffin for nerd naming, Splat for sitting down, and Wid

Prickly Pear and Blossom Park, West Hill - Spocky - 17th November 2019

Words below by Rocky We started of by exaggerating the length of the trail and joking about it in all honesty there were to many jokes to recall. It was a trail of much confusion as the trail winded through a small place of land We had a check, and someone decided to run up a steep bank, which caused someone else to fall over. Then we came to another check where speedy ran the wrong way causing Tampa to follow him into going the wrong way. Apparently if they carried on that way, they would’ve reached the sweet stop. That didn’t really make a difference anyway because the sweet stop was just around the corner! I wrote at the start about how confusing it really was but after the sweet stop we winded into places where we had been before. Some more comments from Stix. It was definitely not a long hash - 2.25 miles, and we were back by 11.50.  As Spocky suggeted, we really got to know every nook and cranny of the park!  Lots of calling back by the hare as we managed to jump

Update ... CHRISTMAS MEAL nearly full

Christmas Hash Meal 22 December White Hart, Exeter Update... The table is booked for 35, but we've nearly reached that. I hope to get a bigger table, but can't gaurantee.  Please get your booking in urgently to secure a place!! There will be a short trail this year around the centre of Exeter, and we'll be hashing in FESTIVE fancy dress. They'll be a special stop with possibly something Christmassy to enjoy. After the trail, we'll go to the White Hart for Xmas lunch, and our annual hash awards. I've booked a table for 35, and I need to give the hotel the meal-choices by 24th November.  Please complete the form below. Please note that if you place an order, and you are unable to attend, then you will be expected to pay for it.    Loading…

Mincinglake - Twin Peaks - 10th November 2019

Not many words this week becuase Speedy and Stix had to rush off the to rugby. But we welcomed back Isatiable who brought a "plus 1". It was a really good size pack on a chilly morning.  Over 5 miles on the longs with plenty of fishhooks to keep us together.  Quotes of the week went to Cums to late, "How far down did you go", [talking to the shorts who overshot the sweetie stop] to which Spocky replied, "It depends on what type of weekend it is", and also to me (Stix) for telling Wide how you need to "cream your nuts" to make cashew cheese.  We also had a new hasher, NastyBitz, who laid some of the trail along the road. Itzybitz got a down down for new shoes, and was acoompanied by Spocky for sending her out in them.  And we had a naming - "Cinderfella" for elaving his trainers on the roadside last week and ???? (Speedy can't remember!). Next week we're at Prickly Pear Blossoms Park West Hill Devon ( map ), and then back t

Pynes Hill - Blobby and Twin Peaks - 3 November 2019

A good size pack of nearly 30 turned out for a glorious Autumn run around Ludwell Valey Park.  We were promised just a 3 mile trail (like it or lump it!) - but for the longs it turned out to be nearer 4.  There were a good few climbs, and some strategically placed fish-hooks to 'enjoy'.  Some mystical mushrooms to admire, and some mud thrown in for good measure. Splat, Bullbait and Wide made a splash in the puddle, which was a bit deeper than anticipated.  By the end of the trail, Courgette was exhausted. (Photos below) Fines went to Rocky, Doodle and Howlin' Wilf for missing the fish hook, Twin Peaks awarded one to herself for falling over, Bollards for calling for 'Al', and Stingray for shortcutting. Next week we're at 'Scout' Hut Scout in Mincinglake, Stoke Hill ( map ) Don't forget to Nominate for the Mismanagement positions by Saturday (see here ), and tell me about your Xmas meal choices in the next 2 weeks.

Autumn Gathering 2019

Another excellent weekend in Charter House. It was great to see so many hasers involve in pulling all the different elements together and helping over the weekend itself. Thanks to Spocky for bringing it all together!