Virtual Hash Coronacircle #1 - 22nd March 2020

Thanks everyone for taking part in the rather hastily organised virtual Hash "Corona"Circle at 11.05 today. didn't work, so we used facebook Messenger instead.  If you are wondering we its 11.05, its becuase Tampa and Woodpecker are always late.  Sadly on this occasion neither were able to make it.  In all, we were please to welcome Xbitz and Spockbitz, the D-family, Team Wide&Tight, Belltoll, The ChildBait family, Boots (briefly), Drop Off, Mengage, and Zoot to the circle.

It was good to see eveyone, but did notice that everyone looks so much older via video call!  We saw Bull Bait's Coronacheck in his back garden, and the woolly virus that Childcatcher made. We spoke about home schooling, and Bull Bait offered to mark everyone's maths work. 

Pleasing also to hear that Stingray has recovered quickly from his fever.

Belltoll spoke about devon hash plans to lay a trail every Wednesday, and for hashers go aout andr*n at any time.  And we're all planning on 'meeting' up again for Boots' Self Isolating hash at 8.30pm on Wednesday via Skype.

Virtual Hash Coronacircle #2 will be 11.05 next Sunday  -I might try a different technology to allow non facebook users to join (zoom?).

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