Kingsteignton - Wide Receiver - 29 August

The last trail of the summer, and we finished with a garden tea party to celebrate Wide's 45th birthday. A good turn out too for a bank holiday weekend.

Speedy opened the circle for trail 1013 (prime number!) - a rare chance for us to see him on a Sunday since he's been working! Good to see Blue None and Zara joining CoEH3 for the first time. Karen (with pooch) also joined us as a relatively new hasher and Exeter virgin. Plus Hobbles-with-Huskies brought along Rachel. If that wasn't enough, Woodpecker brought back Klenchi, Nearly-Done and 'Sam' (and dog).

Anyway it was hot, and the first half of the trail took us around the houses of Kingsteignton was suprisingly hilly.  A long-short split without any marks on the long was an interesting 'feature' of the trail! Needless to say, we went one way, then the other, then gave up and rejoined the short. Put the longs to the back of the back though I suppose!

The regroup and sweetie stop were next to the toll House near the schools, where Speedy was suprised to see a toll for Bollocks! One of the dogs deciding to cool off in the water trough. The water wasnt quite as clear as it looked once all the dirt at the bottom was disturbed!! Vegan sweets and biscuits are enjoyed by all, and Wide treated us with a little pub quiz question... What is the jam in Jammy Dodgers? Answer is plum jam flavoured with raspberry... Except, when he took a closer look, these ones weren't... (Apple jam!) ... which kind of ruined the train of the conversation!

Then the second half of the trail took us around the quarry woods,  with cows and shiggy to negotiate. No river crossings though, which might have been nice given the heat! Lots of checking and some beautiful moss to see on the bark of a tree (as I went for a wee).
Back along Broadway Road, a long loop through the park, and we were soon back home.

Thanks to our guests for putting on such a great tea party afterwards with loads of food and cake (and tea and bunting!!). Have a great birthday tomorrow Wide!!

Next week's trail will be from the Double Locks, Exeter. Important - you cannot go the normal way as the lane by the incinerator and railway bridge is closed due to construction of the new station. Please see below. 

How to get to next week's trail!

Blackborough Woods - Sorepoint and Paperwork - 22 August 2021

Lots of narrow lanes to get to this week's trail, but much better if you go the other way. That's what I learnt anyway from today's expedition! Much easier via Honiton than via Cullompton.

We had a visitor from Taunton, Woody, who consistently referred to people she knew called Yvonne and Tony. No idea who they were.

The trail was beautiful, through the ancient woodlands and moss laden soil beneath our feet. And a good hilly 4.5 mile route, and most of us checking the wrong way. Spocky was taking it easy, so recovering from last week's little accident. So I found myself often leading the trail! The only down side were the longs, which normally looped us back to earlier on in the trail... And one was just a very steep long downhill with a haha! Supprisingly muddy too.

The hash circle was all about death... Well the smell of it anyway. Clearly something rotting in the bin bag hanging on the fence. Plus Spocky told us all about the Autumn Gathering... Details to follow this week. Plus a return to down downs next week ... So be on your best behaviour!

Next week is Wide and Spocky's birthday, but as normal, Spocky won't be there. But we're hashing from Wide and Tights house in Kingsteignton

Stoke Woods - Blobby and Peaks - 15 Aug 2021

Today's trail was short but not easy!
We were honoured to have our President in attendance and Strapo returned after over 18 months (and it was his birthday!). 
Spocky returned with a bump after his summer holidays. He took an impressive slide down a bank after trying to manage the decent on two feet.  It didn't end well. Let's hope he's recovering, and making the most of XBitz's love and attention! ;-)
The trail took us around the outskirts of Stoke Woods initially, using narrow paths, and sometimes no paths at all! Lots of low branches to avoid (not a problem if your name is Twin Peaks!). 
We managed to short cut our way to the first regroup, but were soon sent back the way we should have gone. Obviously the hares have a fish-hook fetish as we were never more than 10 metres from one. And then there were HaHas and back checks to enjoy too!
We skirted along the edge of the paint balling centre and then, in a state of disorientation, emerged on to the main track for a sweetie stop. The shorts had taken a wrong turn so it took some while to catch up, by which time the pack had already decided to explore the next part of the trail and Bollards had found the next fishhook - so she returned to the pack for a delayed hash flash!
Another regroup, back checks and more fish hooks, plus some very steep slopes and banks to negotiate, including Spocky's 'bump and slide'. Splat took a much more sensible route, flying into Bull Bait and a pile of leaves at the bottom!
Soon we were on home, and with Spocky seemingly in pain, it was a quick circle and a song of happy birthday to Strapo, ending the hash 
On on to Blackborough Woods next week for Paperwork and Sorepoint's trail - the one that should have been a few weeks ago!!

Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Woodpecker and Drift - 8 August 2021

We had virgins and visitors aplenty this week. We had Albous the puppy (who looks after Howlin Wilf), Long John and (sorry can't remember her name), Drift, and virgin "Hobbles with Huskies". With the Bitz's still away, it was me, Stix, who gathered the pack together. Although clearly I do not share the same authority as the Spockmeister, as there was very little respect as I spoke! Probably ask the displeasure of having to pay subs again! (more on that later).

The trail took us away from the car park, with a long short split early on, and the longs going up towards Yettington before heading back to join the shorts, getting lost in a wood (at least, me!) and across the quarry.

I forgot to take photo at the sweetie stop, but the shorts were yet to arrive by the time the longs had enjoyed their 'chocolate fingers', and we'd finished talking about when Marathons were renamed Snickers!

Then the trail took Bollards and I to places where we'd not been before... Excellent trail laying from Drift and Woodpecker to find such novelty on the Common.  Even Chardonnay noted that we were far off the beaten track, and I guess he knows about all the dodgy places! We ended up close to Pines Ridge and the B3180, before heading back towards home.

Once everyone had arrived back at the car park, Bollards thanked the hares, and it was pointed out that Twin Peaks had a wee on trail (so did Sorepoint), and we planned to return to proper and appropriate misdermeaner embarrassments in the circle next week!

Then back to Woodpecker's for the usual swim (mostly Tampa and Paperwork, although Sorepoint dangled her legs in!), and some great food as always - thanks to Mrs WP! 

Next week we're at Stoke Woods - Upper Car Park - map

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Kenton - Hotlips Zoot and Coat Check

It was a hilly 5 miler today. It rained as we were circling up, and rained as we were leaving, but was hot and humid on trail. 

Woodpecker arrived as the church bell's tolled and Rambo was trying to get in touch to say he'd missed the bus so was on a later one. The problem was that Kenton is famous for its lack of phone signal. He was hoping to be there by 1125, so we decided to mark out the trail clearly in the hope that he would follow.

Hotlips had brought his son and friend with him, and H2&on and Pearl's new puppy joined us for his virgin trail. I wasn't sure of the gender, so his bits were put on show during the opening circle. I think we should do the same for all virgins from now on. 

The trail had a good hilly runner's long at the start that knackered us all by the time we caught up with the shorts. See the big loop on the left hand side of the map below.  Then a bit of a stretch along the lanes and fields to the sweetie stop. Here we had chocolate Swiss rolls, and Twin Peaks went for a wee. "That was hot" she exclaimed as she emerged from the bushes.

Then back on the lanes towards Starcross,  dodging of cyclists along the estuary footpath, and up towards Powderham shop. Then a final loop around the back of Kenton before returning to the car park.

No sign of Rambo as Bollards called together the final circle. Conversation turned to discussions about bringing back the fines or maybe Down Downs now that (hopefully) the worst of the pandemic is behind us, in order to properly round off the hash and laugh at the misfortune of others! Or bring back the handbag?! What do you think?!

Next week we're at Four Firs, and then back to Woodpecker's for drink, food and fertilization in the pool.