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#1020 Uphams Plantation - Boots - 17th October 2021

This week's trail started off with a sealed envelope because our hare had not returned. Puss passed the envelope to Spocky to reveal two pens and two pieces of paper, and a puzzle to solve. Spocky took one team, Tampa the other, and while we got the message, (it wa a live trail, one and on, fishhooks were 10 - not that we found any!) both teams managed to take far too long and made a right mess of it. Boots later told us that he had tried it on the scouts, And it only took them 5 minutes. Not sure what they  made of the message about long shorts etc though! So we set off rather late, with a long-short, and a muddy one too with a steep hill for fun as well. A pretty hilly trail up through the woods, and a nice long long that sent us to Stowford Cross (next week's venue) and back.  Then it was not long to the sweetie stop, where Mad Max was sitting down, but the shorts were missing and the sweets were suspended in a bag above the pond. But Speedy saved the day after some bullying

Haldon Belvedere - Wide Receiver - 10 October 2021

We weren't expecting a large pack this week, and were grateful for the arrival of Tampa, Coffin and family, which almost doubled the numbers! Late as usual!  Being first there, we were able to enjoy the usual car park shenanagins, made even more exciting by a particularly steep drop causing some grating of undercarriages!  Bollards and Rambo disappeared into the bushes, separately I must add, to water the plants. Meanwhile Hayden the dog made a fuss because he wanted to keep an eye on everyone. Our hare promised a short trail, with little long-short splits, so small that you'd need a magnifying glass. It was also suitable for bikes - Tampa had brought two (for the grandchildren).  We headed off, and there were soon calls of "Briony, Briony"... Pearl deserves punishment for that. There were certainly at least two tiny long-short splits, where the pack was separated for just a few seconds! With a loop at the start for the longs before heading to the furthest point from

Updated City of Exeter H3 hash diary

The hash diary has been updated: Oct 17, 2021 11:00AM City of Exeter Hash, Uphams Plantation, Boots See for full details On On City of Exeter H3

Chez Bitz - Spockybitz - 3 Oct 2021

There were "issues" with today's trail, so our hare admitted at the opening circle. But being a Spocky trail, it was always going to be the best of the year. Son of the Bitz did a little opening speech to welcome us to his house, and had also put some "This Way" signs to direct us in. Not that it helped Hot Lips who zoomed past the entrance. A 6.5 mile trail for the longs that took us around the newest bits of the Cranbrook building site, before heading across London Road into the field for a long short split (that Bloody Mary and Bollards did twice by accident) and the sweety stop. This was only about of a third of the way round the trail, as it continued into Rockbeare, around some woodland and another long loop, and then all the way to Rockbeare Manor. As the rain began to fall we started to head back towards home, along a lane that took us all the way back to London Road, of course with a fishhook towards the end for those that were beginning to stretch ahea