Sunday, October 22

#1127 Exeter (cricket club CP) - Brillo (and Stix) - 22nd Oct 2023

We welcomed the Plymouth contingent again this week, having not put them off two weeks ago! They weren't suprised to hear that Brillo's train didn't leave the Muff until 9.30, so he wasn't going to get to the car park until 10.45!

He texted me at 8.30 to say that he had to lay it live. While Brillo's physique suggests he's at his physical peak, I wasn't sure whether we'd get a full trail, so volunteered to lay the first loop to give him time to set the rest.

I thought we had planned it so that I would stay on the university side of Prince of Wales road, and Brillo would stay the other (taking in the Spoons, obviously)  and we'd make it a future of eight. 

Best laid plans... it didn't quite work like that! My bit got off to a bad start as I'd forgotten to mark the L/S and Pearl had found the short. In a confused/early-Sunday-morning state, I called then back, and then eventually worked out what had gone wrong. I quickly marked the split and then called them all back again. Mayhem!

Then up through the university around some of the old halls of residence, on to Pennsylvania Road and another split. Then back onto campus around the top of the crocodile swamp (according to Pearl) and to the sweetie stop, without sweets! But the sunshine and view across the city was fantastic. 
Then back down past the ponds, around the student accommodation, and back across the road to the cricket club. This was where Brillo's part of the trail started, mostly in pink chalk and flour. We quickly crossed the road again! Up through the campus and back to the ponds to exactly where we had just come. Whoops! 

Tampa appeared from nowhere having just got there on my part of the trail, and we continued on to the Exeter Community Garden and a sweetie stop with sweets this time, on Belvedere Meadow. We'd lost Max, Coat Check, Tight and Tampa by this point as they cut directly home. The rest of the trail took us all the way down Pennsylvania Road, including the section that we'd early gone up! 

At the circle, Max for a down down because it was his birthday!

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Next week we're at Chudleigh Knighton

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