Sunday, December 3

# 1133 Starcross - Hotlips, Zoot and Coatcheck - 3 Dec 2023

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Rosie's first hash was not as cold as I'd feared, but she was still shaking!  We all said hello to her, wrapped up like a baby.
Wide welcomed the pack and the trail set off towards Powederham. A couple of fish hooks, and with Mad Max near the front, he had to join in the fun (I had to attend to my laces). 

Then into Kenton, down pass the village hall, and along the lane, where the marks seemed to disappear. Someone must have kicked out the marks as the check was a mess too; in fact Bollards, Wilf and I thought it was the sweetie stop. But instead, once Zoot and Coatcheck had caught up, it was along the brook and back to Fore Street where we did have the SS:  the lamma chews were great! 

The second 'half' of the trail was much longer for us longs. We took the back lanes all the back and beyond Starcross, up an almighty hill and down the other side. 5.5 miles in total and we enjoyed the special treat of John Smiths afterwards thanks to a Sainsbury's substitution.

Next week we're at Kingsteignton for Tight and Sorepoint's birthday at Blindwell Farmhouse