Sunday, January 14

#1139 Exmouth - Wobblybitz, Oddbitz, Haggis and Dobbie - 14 Jan 2024

A beautiful winter's morning in Exmouth.  Sunny but not particularly warm.  We gathered at Foxholes and Wide welcomed the pack. We welcomed Buzby and Screech to the circle! I was excited about my Tap and Go payments, "new for 2024" (but they didn't work when I tried later to take subs!!) and Wide tried to grab my 'gentleman's furniture'... I'm not quite sure how the two were connected... .

We were waiting for the Bitz's as they  had messaged to say that they were running late. But Happy Snappy and Humpty arrived in the meantime. Wobbly was introducing the trail, telling us it was 3 and on, sometimes...

Still without the Bitz's, we decided to start the trail, with the longs heading towards Orcombe point, and then back again along the cliff top, where we rejoined the rest of the pack. Then up Maer Lane, and left, taking the footpath through the farm. We got ourselves onto Lime Kiln lane, and then down to the Pavillion for the sweetie stop. Now we had gained the Bitz's, but we were missing Haggis, Happy Snapper and Humpty. No worries, we thought as one of the hares were with them. Then Haggis turns up without the others!! Some calling on WhatsApp and Wide went back, and they were found and soon back on trail. Some of us took the long up to Manor Gardens, and then a long stretch along seafront, through the crowds, back home.

Thanks to all the hares for a great trail. Next week we're at Mamheads 'Dogging,' car park, for a trail from Hotlips and Zoot.