Sunday, February 25

#1145 Topsham - Stix - 25 Feb 2024

Thank you for today Stix, it’s never easy, stepping out the front door when the weather is as bad as it is. 
We gathered in Michael’s hall car park, and then decided to seek shelter as the rain had got so bad. Then Off! We went round, the houses, followed the roads, diversion through a little housing estate, cross the road onto Newport Road and we’re into the wilds of Topsham.
Stix stix warned us that we’re going to get our feet wet but actually didn’t seem too bad. Did we know that it was going to get a lot worse later we made away around the rugby training ground over the bridge and onto a sweetie stop by millennium Field. 
We were then on to the fields that surrounded Seabrook house which are still be in built upon. Across the main road, and then on to an area that I hadn’t been before behind the nursery. We then went along the river past the reedbeds. This is where we got really wet. We could see the old sludge beds on the other side of the river. Under the motorway bridge through a park and on home.
Unfortunately, the pub was closed due to private function so the Hash made a quick exit onto next week. Thanks again Stix.