21st June - Squabmoor Reservoir - Chesty + Stat Nav

What started out looking like being a small hash eventually turned into more than 20 hashers and 8 dogs raring to go! With Twin Peaks playing Hash Cash we were soon all ready for the hares speech. Woodpecker said a few words about his hash next week but also informed us that Mother Woodpecker has sadly passed away.......aged 99!!!! Looks like we'll have Mr Woodpecker around for a good long time yet then! RIP Mother Woodpecker.
Usual instructions from the hares, fish hooks, long short splits and of course, a sweetie stop. Onto check over the road where there was a lot of loitering going on, eventually the trail was called on on by Cathusalem followed closely by Tuned In.
The trail led down along the edge of a bog which most of the dogs dove into immediately, then proceeded to shake stinky mud on the passing hashers! On through some lovely forest tracks to Bystock Pools,the nature reserve, where the peace and tranquility was shattered by the dogs having a wash in the water. Once everyone had caught up at the regroup we were called on over the road.
A good stretch to run over Dalditch Common taking in a long short split and ending up at a regroup on Dalditch Lane. With lots of fish hooks the pack didn't get too split up. With a sneaky back check at the bottom of the hill, we ended up heading into Ting Tong Woods where the FRB's (including Woodpecker????? How????) missed the sweetie stop and had to be called on back. Here we enjoyed 3 bags of sweeties before setting off again.
Down through the woods we came across a bed of sorts, well a pillow and sleeping bag, Stat Nav really must've been dedicated to laying this hash, to have stayed the night! Back down to another regroup where we were duly warned about the next long short split, the long was not for the faint hearted! The shorts came out at the reservoir where we had a regroup and waited for the longs to arrive. When all but Woodpecker were there (he must've had 3 weetabix today I reckon??!!!) we set off towards the on home, with the trail heading around the far side of the reservoir where there USED to be a path(!) or the easy option, straight along the path! Most of us took the easy option, being true hashers!
Twin Peaks was acting Double D (Deputy deputy sheriff) and handed out fines for PMT on the hash, to Tampa and Groucho, Woodpecker, his son and Ditto for using nerd names on the hash. Chip Shop for saying that while Up Yours was pregnant was the most peaceful 18months he's ever had! Thanks to Chesty for laying the hash with a little help from Stat Nav!!!
On On to next week at Exton Barton, the farm entrance. From Exeter direction, at the new traffic lights in Exton, turn left, from Exmouth direction turn right.......surprisingly. On down at Chez Woodpecker for post hash frivolities, remember ladies........enter that swimming pool at your peril!


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