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Sunday, May 28

#1106 Kingskerwell - Hotlips - 28 May 2023

Another warm and sunny hash, and Wide had come topless as usual, with the Morgan that is. We gathred for the circle with Wide reminding us that there is always a friendly voice on the phone if anyone is struggling and needs to chat, with Zoot offering as well. Hopefully Woof Woof is well and will surface again soon.

Over to the hare and Hotlips advised that there was no sweetie stop, and I'm not sure that was well received!!
According to Speedy, the trail was the reverse to something we had done previously, and although I recognised parts, I was not sure. On the longs we had Wide, Paperwork, Speedy, Wilf, Bollards and me... with all apart from me and her going for a drink in the Bickleigh Mill for a pint "to make up for the missing sweetie stop". That was on the long loop, where the long-short split sent us our separate ways on Whilborough. Even though Brillo only did the short, he was knackered... And missed out on the Beer stop again!
After about 5.5 miles we were home, to find Oddbitz laid out beneath a tree. Then we had a BBQ laid on by Zoot, Coatcheck and Hotlips', with Man Pig making an appearance too.
Thanks for the trail and the hospitality, and on on to next week, when will be at White Cross car park, East Hill Strips,
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Sunday, May 21

#1105 Uphams, Woodbury Common - Tampa - 21 May 2023

There were Police everywhere on the Common, and not many spaces to park. That was because there was one of those old fashioned Raves just next door to the car park. Apparently young people still do that - I thought it was a 90s thing. Anyway, Spooky (being the right side of 50, just) went to see if he could join in. But they were on lying down still suffering from the night before, pretty much like any hangover hash.  One couple approached us asking whether we new how to get ticks out... Nurse Peacock and Dr Wide to the rescue, with a credit card:
As the bass continued banging away, Wide welcomed the pack, and Tampa introduced his birthday trail, as the police watched on... Speedy wasn't listening and instead was dancing away.
The trail itself was getting close to 5 miles, but on what was the warmest Sunday this year, felt a lot longer. It was definitely a trail of two packs, with the longs and shorts only meeting each other at the sweetie stop. Finding marks was definitely a weak point for Bollards and Wide, both of whom managed to delay the longs by at least 5 minutes because neither of them saw the dot.  Apparently it wasn't there earlier...
Then Paperwork took us to the regroup at the sweetie stop, which wasn't. Actually it was a Duke of Edinburgh group. I think he scared them. They called Wide a Gruffalo because he appeared from the bushes, having a wee, but when he told me I thought he said Brothel-lo, which is something different (a furry?!).
After the sweetie stop, all I can remember is Wide talking about Imelda's wanking injury! Once back at the car park, the rave was over, with around 20 of the hangers on waiting to sober up before travelling home to their mummies and daddies. 
We circled up as they and the police watched on, and sang happy birthday to Tampa.
On on to next week, which is at Zoot and Hotlips' home in Kingsteignton for a BBQ. Don't forget to rate the hash
And next week, let's have one of the short/walkers writing the words, so we hear about them!!

Sunday, May 7

#1103 Chudleigh - Wide - 7 May 2023

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Words by Speedy:

This week we had a lovely trail laid by Wide Receiver, who is a fan of classic cars and a friend of the planet. He picked Chudleigh car park near the police station as our meeting point. We welcomed back Chardonnay, who was feeling festive after the coronation and sported a union flag and a union jack hat. It was also nice to see Woodpecker again after his break. Spocky was moaning that his hare of the year t-shirt from 2012 was torn and that he should have won trail of the year this year. Maybe he should stop whining and start running!

The trail took us up to the castle and gave us plenty of options for longs and shorts. Some of us admired the scenery while others pushed themselves to run faster. The down downs went to Speedy for making a pit stop at the co-op for some munchies, Paperwork for being too clever at finding the checks (he must have cheated), Stix for being clueless with the parking machine, and Bucks Fizz for slipping in a muddy puddle. We also congratulated Coffin’s youngest, who had her birthday recently.

It was a fun and friendly trail, thanks to Wide Receiver and everyone who joined. On on!

Next week’s trail is from Four Firs car park on Woodbury Common, laid by Chardonnay. Don’t miss it!

Sunday, April 30

#1102 Blackborough Woods - Paperwork and Sorepoint

Not a joint trail with Taunton today, but with equal numbers from each pack! Mooner, Sticky Treat, Dr Feelgood, Chewing Gum, and Twiggy all joining us. The bank holiday weekend and Ten Tors meant our numbers were lower than normal.
After the overnight rain, the car park was one big puddle when we arrived; Sore point said that "it had  sunk!".
The hares told us that the trail was between 2.5 and 5 miles, with 4 long-shorts, or Titty-Stops (because they were marked with a circle with a door in, and from that point we had to look for a L or S). Twiggy cleverly worked out that each must be about an extra half-a-mile!
A titty-stop to start us off, and a loop, before rejoining the shorts.  Mooner finally arrived by the time we had complete the first long
It gradually became more and more muddy on the trail, with parts that seemed familiar, and others not. I lost count the number of times that Pearl and Capt Peacock ran past me, with Peacock sounding his famous call.  A sweetie stop with chocolate peanut and raisins, where I took a video in order to remember everyone's names... That didn't work out too well.

From there, not too far home, with about 5.5 miles on the clock. After drinks and snacks, about half of the pack retired to the Wyndhams Arms, hopefully they found a table!
On on to next week... Venue to be announced so keep an eye on Facebook etc.