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Thursday, March 30

Message from Wessex H3

Hi Stix

Staines and I loved meeting you all last summer. The Wessex are having our Midsummer camp from 4pm Friday 16th- 3pm Sunday 18th June 2023 at Tenantry Farm near Fordingbridge. The cost is £100 per person and includes all food and drink. There will be a sub 60 run and pyjama party on the Friday, a day of games and then fancy dress party and skits on the Saturday with hash and closing circle on the Sunday. 

If anyone is interested in joining us all then let us know and we'll send the forms.

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Turned On and Staines

Sunday, March 26

#1098 Cowick Playing Fields - Brillo - 26 March 2023

We didn't really know whether Brillo was going to be at the start of the hash, having left a green marker on the ground when he'd laid the day before to let us know where to start. That had been nicked, and there had been torrential rain last night, but we did get the hare after all (complete with tinny!), A big achievement after he'd caught the 8am train from the muff, on the morning after the clocks went forward.

The first part of the trail led us round the playing fields with a detour loop around the bowling green, where the FRBs followed the trail anticlockwise rather than clockwise,. We thought we were going to end up back at the cars after going all the way round, but we'd missed a 'rain-effected' dot that led is up a narrow path into the houses. So having back-tracked a long way, we headed up towards Cowick Lane, crossed the road and followed a track that then led us past the allotments. A few checks (mostly washed out) and a long time searching for marks after we'd run through a washed out cross, and eventually we were at the sweetie stop. We'd lost a few of the walking trail but this point as it had started to rain, and with a missing trail, they'd decided to head straight home. But they missed out on ferrero rocher!

From there it was on down Dunsford Road, and straight home in about 10 minutes.

Thanks to Brillo for letting the trail. I assume he may have ended up in the Spoons?

On on to next week when we're at the Imperial car park in Exmouth. And don't forget to rate this week's hash

Sunday, March 19

#1097 Haldon Belvedere - Wide Receiver - 19 March 2023

Words by Bollards this week.
The usual car park Tetris was required at Haldon Belvedere. Sensible hashers found a spot in the sun to keep warm prior to the circle.
Wide admitted that it wasn't a particularly long trail but very little devastation at the revelation was apparent. There were 2 long short splits and a shortcut for walkers so everyone was catered for.
The trail began with a quick loop round the Belvedere followed by some messing around in the woods. I found, what I thought to be, the home trail but it turned out it wasn't as we came back along the road. It could have been my eyes, or more likely, my terrible sense of direction that lead me astray.
It was very muddy in places. The later-named Tinkle-toes lost both shoes at one point and was not amused! But apparently she didn't need to water the trees after all, despite lamentations to the contrary. 
Licorice, pandas and Lidl's finest high protein sweets were consumed at the sweetie stop. The second half of the trail saw the longs heading up, over,  down and around, eventually catching up with the shorts and walkers at the end. 
I enjoyed it. Quick and dirty. Just over 2 miles on the long but it felt like I'd done about 5 because of the terrain.
Next week is Brillo's trail from Cowick Barton playing fields, St Thomas.

Sunday, March 12

#1096 Wonford Sports Centre - Happy Snapper & fam - 12th March 2023

We just had one hare at the start of the trail, with Dark Lord and Humpty at the sweetie stop, because Humpty is recovering from having a toe removed (that's not true, but sounds more exciting than a mole).
Happy Snapper told the pack that they had shared the laying, and the trail wasnt very long. It turned out that "not very long" meant over 5 miles, but there were a lot of fish hooks which helped keep us all together. 
I'm not sure what we were all pointing to in the first photo, probably the first mark. 
What nobody realised at this point, including Woodpecker, was that Woodpecker had only put on one of his hashing shoes... Good job it wasn't too muddy!
We really should have given him a down down!

We started off heading towards Quarry Lane and Honiton Rad, continuing up Sweetbrier Lane, past the entrance to the allotments and up an incredibly long flight of steps. Then along Birch Barton Hill, and down to Thornpark Rise, where Spocky had an altercation with a young lady dropping rubbish. After that, we headed up to Hamlin Lane playing fields and round the corner where we had the sweetie stop outside the cemetery. We found Dark Lord hanging around in camouflage very suspiciously next to lamp post.

Happy Snapper risked like and limb by taking the photograph from the middle of the road. A great set of sweets including some mango winders!
Then through the cemetery on a long, but I really thought we shouldn't have had to hop between the grave stones! ( that's another lie, we didn't). 
At one point we lost the trail and Spocky explained that he found a "dead end"!!

Our return trip took us to Heavitree Pleasure Ground, and back along Butts Road, where Mad Max was leading the pack after a couple of fish hooks. Through the houses and home.

Thanks to the hares for a great trail, and don't forget to rate it

Wide has stepped in to lay next week's trail from Haldon Belvedere... What a hero!
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