Updated City of Exeter H3 hash diary

The hash diary has been updated:
Oct 02, 2022 11:00AM
City of Exeter Hash, East Hill Strips, Howling Wilf

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City of Exeter H3


#1070 Pynes Hill - Stix & Speedy - 25 Sept 2022

Speedy and I were laying and we wanted to give the longs a real test on the first 'half' of the trail so as to give the shorts a 'good head' start.  (Head, who said head...).  Anyway it took us far too long to lay that part of the trail, and we ended up getting to the sweetie and beer stop only at 10.50.  So with a 15 minute run back home from there, we didn't start on time!

Not helped by some rather unfriendly locals around Kings Heath: "Excuse me mate, what are you doing?", "Laying a trail for some runners.  Errm, what did you think I was doing?" (which I thought was a sensible question given I was in trainers and running gear, and he was the one following me with a camera!). He replied "I'm worried about the dogs", and I replied "I haven't got a dog!".  I'm not sure he appreciated my reply.

Just round the corner, another group of locals sweeping up the poison I'd laid on the first loop, sorry I mean flour.  "Morning" I said with a smile. "It's not very responsible is it?". They had met Speedy by this point and taken photos of him, and he'd assured them it was flour. "OK so do you mind if I put a couple of marks down now that you know it's just flour", "No not really" she replied. Anyway I put a mark down under the next bush.  Loved the way that XBitz and others were shouting "Anyone know where the trail goes, sometimes swept up the marks". Of course we all know how difficult it is to sweep up marks... So the pack knew which way to go... But I stuck an extra big pile down anyway.

At the beer stop, which was at the Chiefs Bar outside of the ground, I spotted the Chiefs chairman, Tony Rowe, approaching. Of course, he's a personal friend of Woodpecker (who isn't?), and they stopped to have a chat! 

Great to see a decent pack of city of Exeter hashers out again, including some of the D's, That's Crap and She's Ready, as well as Mr Woodpecker himself. Note we're just need some hares to volunteer! Thanks to Howlin' Wilf agreeing to lay next week, venue to be announced.

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#1068 Wonford Sports Centre -Happt Snapper, Dark Lord and Humpty - 18 Sept

Two visitors from Chard today (Floppy Dick and Zara) brought along by Sorepoint and Paperwork, and one visitor from Barbados!
Once Speedy had got Floppy Dick's name correct (not disk) -he offered to show him - the honour was granted to Paperwork to welcome the pack. It was Paperwork and Sorepoint's last trail with us before their winter break. They had brought a cake to commemorate thus, which we enjoyed after the trail .
The trail itself took us longs initially up along Rifford Road with some mucking about around the ruined chapel of St Loyes, before heading up Woodwater Lane, past the school, and into Ludwell park.  We crossed Ludwell Lane (very close to next week's hash) and headed through the park to the sweetie stop at an excellent viewpoint (Cuckoo Field).
The trail then took us down and across Topsham Road, to Countess Wear Lane, and up to the old mill. Then a long long (it felt very long!) up to Salmon Pool bridge and back, before returning to Topsham Road and into the park for one final long-short through some nettles (thanks Happy Snapper!) along Northbrook before returning home.
The hares got the whole pack back together, in just over an hour, with 8km on the longs.
And thanks to Sorepoint for the cake - see you in April (on Sundays).


#1067 Joneys Cross - Spocky - 11 September 2022

Some photos below of the trail this week, and good to see the return of a few we haven't seen over the summer, including Puss, Boots, Wrecking ball and Mischief, and Happy Snapper, Dark Lord and Humpty.

The trail started with Mischief and Wrecking Ball busting towers of stones, and despite my best efforts, they didn't want to build I've in front of Spocky's car. But Mischief did carry some round the whole trail. 

Spocky made the trail sound complicated, and if something worked it was going to be fantastic. In the end, in not sure I noticed what it was, and whether it worked!!

We nearly missed Tampa at the sweetie stop and hash flash, but at least he had the last three sweets! There were some tame ponies too. At the circle we all have happy birthday to Wrecking Ball who was 5 yesterday.  He definitely didn't want a down down!! 

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