Haldon Hill - Wide Receiver - 17th March 2019

Some thoughts from Speedy, and some photos below An unsettled morning, mostly sunny, with snow as we all arrived.Woodpecker was lateSpocky had to save Twin Peaks from getting wet, after she fell into his gorge. She quite enjoyed getting "saved" (photo below)Rocky mislead everyoneRocky fell overWe ate some American sweetsTampa did a fish hookWe saw some frog spawnSpocky, Speed and Stix jumped into a big puddle as the hash flash was being taken, soaking Total Eclipse, Howlin' Wilf and Rocky. Mad Max also got an earful of mud (see photo below)Then Bullbait soaked Childcatcher (brave man!)Stix brought in some of his special love drink, which everyone enjoyedNot as good as our hash  Next week we're at Lords Meadow Leisure Centre, Crediton (map) for a trail laid by Woody and Don't Panic!

University of Exeter - Stix, Bollards, Speedy and Rocky - 3rd March 2019

This week we hashed from outside of the Hatherly Laboratory - parking off the road to save paying!
A very rainy cold morningBollards had an arrow up her leggingsAll the marks were washed away by the rainWe admired the statue of Floella Spocky was lateWoodpecker wasn’t lateMad Max's dog is now understanding human lifeBullbait kept saying that he hadn’t seen this part of Exeter before, although he had been living here for 12 years.We ignore the footpath closed signs, and there was a bit of a squeeze getting out the other end.Speedy mislead the shortsWoof Woof went down a path saying that “that's a dead end,” so she decided to go in that direction anywayLots of slippery bits, Stingray told everyone to be careful then fell over himselfStix brought some home-made tepache to enjoy after the trail - and people actually liked it!  (recipe here: should win trail of the monthFebru…

Topsham - Hole-in-1 and Bluto - 24th February 2019

A gloriously sunny and warm morningThe hares wouldn't wear the hare t-shirts becuase they "don't like them"Mad Max continues to "Break-In Ben" - always steer clear and don't approach from behind! But Lethal Weapon II not very well.The long are not marked...  Nearly ended up in Ebford!The FRBs cut short and missed the loop round the churchWe lowered the tone in the Lookout hide at Bowling Green Marshes, by spotting the LGBT seagull.Whoops - most of the pack missed the sweetie stop A viewing hole the right height for Twin PeaksFines to Speedy for not doing the fish hooks (although he argued he did), for Spocky for nerd naming, and to Twin Peaks for avoiding fish hooks.**Now that Rate-the-hash is discontinued, you might be missing the opportunity to offer your own witty comments.  Please comment on this post if you gave photos or words to contribute. We'll be voting on February's best hash next week in the circle***
Words from Speedy, and some pho…

Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Strapo and Swampy - 17th February 2019

Child Catchers 40th birthday and celebrations that involved throwing children (toy trolls) at her which she had to catch. The 'purple helmet' and glasses were for H&S.Mad Max brought a mad dog!No Butt made a return, and did Clever DickBollards made gluten free, vegan cup cakes Words by Speedy...
This Sunday we hashed from Woodbury common, haired by Strapo and Swampy, we started with a surprise birthday as Childcatcher had turned 60 over the weekend, as revenge Bull bait decided we should commemorate this by throwing child dolls at her, and to make it worse, each one that she did not catch she would have to do a star jump, – unfortunately she only caught 3 so she had to do 17 star jumps. We did this because she is called Childcatcher – for those of you who didn’t get that joke I suggest you go to -
Furthermore, before we started Mad Max informed us not to get within 2 meters of his new dog, Lethal Weapon III, who apparently is …

Alphington - Blobby and Twin Peaks - 10th February 2019

Groucho may his return to the hash as Life-President!Woodpecker did his own trail after arriving late (10 past 11, allegedly...) - FINED!We admired some Ferraris Stix nerd named when he disturbed all the wildlife in the nature reserve when shouting at 'Billy' to stop disturbing the wildlife in the nature reserve - FINED!Midly Moist couldn't follow the trail, and ignores fish hooks - FINED!Only Wide and Stix bought beers at the Sweetie Stop (outside the Double Locks), and were told by the bar staff that they could have glass glasses, because they 'looked responsible' - whole pack FINED for not buying beersHalf the pack decided to run along a pontoon by the Double Locks, not realizing that it ended - only Wide Receiver decided to make a 3 meter leap of faith - not very responsible! - FINED!Drop Off nearly got hit by a train - he tried to cross after the local train went passed, only to be shocked by a Cross-Country train coming the other way - FINED!Bollards, Twin Pe…

Woodbury Castle - Oddbitz and Wobblybitz - 3rd February 2019

A little bit of snow left up on Woodbury Common for Oddbitz and Wobblybitz's trail this week - certainly enough to launch a snow ball fight.  Much of the time, we weren't bothering to look for marks, but instead trying to find a fresh patch of snow, before it all melted in the winter sun.  A very enjoyable 4.5 mile has for the longs, starting from the Castle Car Park (Estuary View side).  We visited all the sites - Four Firs and the Model Airfield, and some good views of the coastline. We spotted a big X on the side of the valley, and thanked the hares for going above-and-beyond to lay that so clearly (see photo below). Stingray was promising financial payments for hitting Twin Peaks with snowballs - I hope he paid up.  The sweetie stop was particularly boisterous - see the first hash-flash below where the were snowballs incoming thanks to Spocky.  Speedy was coating his with mud, for that extra special touch - and at some point Bollards told him to grow some balls, so he fas…