4th July - Lympstone Village CP - Woodpecker

Lots of ingenuity on getting to the hash this week - very green. Spocky ran up to Lympstone from Exmouth, Dobby, Haggis, Oddbitz and Fruity all arriving on bikes. Lots of car sharing too, well done everyone for saving the planet!
Even though Woodpecker was there on time, he being the hare, and Tampa even made it before 11 - it was still gone ten past before the instructions had been given out and we were on our way.
Initial confusion around the alleyways of Lympstone, and lots of funny looks from everyone in the street, we were off and into the field alongside the water. Woodpecker hasn't laid any long/short splits, as he doesn't agree with them - but there was an arrow to the left, and another arrow to the right marked with a "W" (this stands for wimps w**k**s and women according to Woodpecker). This was for the walkers - so a short split then?? Up over the railway we went and past the village hall and church, then back towards town before heading out into the countryside.
A hash halt was reached at the confluence of two footpaths and a road. When the off was sanctioned all turned left up the footpath. Must be this way says someone, I know it's this way, says Spocky "I've got the map!" However, Spocky's map reading skills obviously need some brushing up, as we were all called back and along the road we went.
More jolly hashing before the sweetie stop. Excellent variety here 10/10. Then off again back the way we'd come for a bit then up a little hill, only to find a fish-hook for All. Everyone turns round and heads back down towards the hare, then back up again and round a bit loop, only to end up back to the re-group again and off on what had been billed as a short cut. Crafty hare. Wasn't long now before the on home was reached and we were back in the carpark.
The Sherrif announced he would only do one fine at the car park, the rest would follow back at Woodpeckers abode after the swim etc. The fine levied was to all those not going back to Woodpeckers - 10p each to be given up and added to the total to be collected for charity. All those going back were to be fined at least 10p for the priviledge.
On back we went. Most jumped in the pool, some (Horny Woman) were pushed! (bet you can't guess who pushed her??). Then Mrs Woodpecker brought out the most wonderful spread of curried chicken, and veggie curries, rice and garlic bread. This did it's usual disappearing act, then the puddings arrived. Tuned In had made a wonderful Pavlova, and Mrs Woodpecker provided a gorgeous bread pudding, also on offer was fresh fruit salad and trifle. This also disappeared extremely quickly. The fines were then given out by the Sherrif, it seems it was Horny's turn today, despite her protestations that she'd been a good girl, she was fined 40p for various misdemeanours.
It was then on to the games. Woodpecker had bought a rugby ball especially for the occasion so it was out to the lawn for team picking. Haggis and Horny were the captains and the teams were soon allocated. Much merriment (only a little cheating) and Horny Woman's team emerged victorious. A Highlight was Blobhoblin calling "to me, to me" and recieving the ball from the opposite team. We really should get colour co-ordinated!
Next up was cricket. We all had a turn in bat and rotated bowling and back stopping, and this time Fruity emerged victorious with a total of 20 runs scored. Close behind was Dobby with 19.
By now we were all getting very tired and time was called on the festivities. Thank you so much Woodpecker and Mrs Woodpecker for your kind hospitality. A wonderful afternoon - good company, good food and good fun!


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