7th August - Bitz Towers, Exmouth - Spocky Bitz

Well, Spocky laid todays trail starting from his pad. Twelve hashers appeared, sorry thirteen, Stat-Nav was late armed with the usual excuses. None of us were fooled. To begin with the trail had a very urban feel, house viewing being the order of the day until after about 20 minutes we saw the sight to gladden any hashers heart, open country. We were relieved to enjoy this oasis of calm with only the sound of hashers swearing as they encountered a series of fish-hooks, it lifted the hearts of the back markers.
Strange things happen on hashes and today saw one of our hashers not hashing but walking several dogs, when questioned by the pack she offered no excuse, Oddbitz thought a fine was in order the pack nodded their approval. See you next week Ring Piece.
After the sweet stop we enjoyed a run, jog or walk along the cycle path towards Exmouth. Eventually we arrived back at the hare's residence where a B-B-Q was laid on care of the Bitz, thanks you two and to those who didn't turn up you missed out.


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