Squabmoor Reservoir Car Park, Woodpecker

Speedy has written the blog this week!
"A great hash laid by Woodpecker, even though there was a few whinges from Rocky. First of all we went across a river. It was not a very wide river, but it was deep and shiggy, but we all managed to get across. We carried on and we came to a field. One of the hashers went through the wrong gate and luckily the deputy sheriff was there and she got fined. Finally we came to the sweetie stop which was not the end. We had lots of sweets and the sweets were quite good; I liked them. After that we were quite tired, but the good thing was there was not much shiggy bits, just a few brambles. Finally, we got back and we had the circle. Rocky whinged because he got a fine for falling over and there was a long down down for a new hasher."
Sweeties at the regroup
Newly-named "Wobbly-bitz" enjoying her down-down

2.93 miles. View the trail in a larger map


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