Joney's Cross - Up Yours - 13th July 2014

We weren't the only ones gathering at Joneys Cross on this Sunday morning. The car park was busy with horsey types, who were on some kind of orienteering for horses, following a trail of pink bits of ribbon in the trees. To me, it sounded like hashing, but with the horses doing the hard work. They also didn't appear to have beer at the end...

Without Blobhoblin, Grouch and Spocky, is was left to me to welcome the pack - and it was a good size of nearly 30 too given various events yesterday, and the Isca Roman Away Day still taking place. Slipshod made his return to CoE as co hare, but because he and Up Yours were moving house, they had both lost their trainers in the packing! Up Yours had bought a brand new pair of kid's shoes, and Slipshod was wearing sandals (but lets pretend they were flip flops, because then it nearly rhymes with his name!)

The trail led us out of the car park (thankfully away from the forbidden hashing area of the RSPB reserve, after last week's hash-of-two-halves). We seemed to meet the same horse and rider several times. Up Yours' fear of galloping animals getting in the way did not come to fruition - they seemed to be following their trail slower than us! But our trail didn't follow their trail all the way - in fact we were always going in opposite directions. There were lots of fish hooks too - and some tactical shoe-lacing tieing!

At the regroup, we were treated with rolos, liquorice all-sorts and jelly minions - lovely! And then, rather confusingly, back the way we came (there were dots laid on both sides of the path). As Woodpecker mounted a style, he admitted that he struggles to get his leg over nowadays, but that doesn't matter because it saves so much time!

Lots of fines, including to Arthur for being carried around the hash, Speedy and Up Yours for wearing new shoes, and Dirt Band for finishing with the peg.

On On to Exminster next week, for a BBQ at the Stix's house.


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