Joneys Cross - Strapo and Swampy - 30th November 2014

The Stix family (bar Bollards) arrived early, but so had Blobby and Twin Peaks, and it was great to enjoy a bit of warm winter sun - especially knowing that some regulars (Bollards, No.2, Hole-in-one, Spocky, Captain Peacock) were "enjoying" the Bicton Blister - a 10 mile cross country run just a few miles away.  Before the trail, Rocky treated us to his award winning dance!  Emerald asked "What kind of dancing is that?!?!" - clearly she hadn't seen Streetdance before!

Some doggers, sorry dog-walkers, warned the hares that it was very wet out there just before we left the car park.  Something the hares were more than aware of, and something the rest of us were about to find out. No more than 2 minutes had gone by before my feet were wet. 

We soon got to a long-short split, the long heading through some wet, grassy meadow, while the walkers stayed on the path.  Then the trail continued into the woods and some very muddy puddles right up to the main road.  Then it turned sharp left almost back onto itself, and then things started to get confusing.  Apparently the hares started to lay a part of the train along a muddy path, and then thought better of it because it was too "Swampy".  Somehow, we managed to find their ambandoned  trail - at least the beginning of it, before we lost all sign of marks.  We saw Strapo and Woodpecker (who had arrived late again) on the horizon ahead of us, so we continued straight ahead, and then started to pick up marks again, and joined back up with the shorts. 

Rocky fell flat on his face because he was running down a steep slope too quickly, and Speedy started singing happy birthday very loudly and slowly on the long with Swinger (don't ask).  When the longs and shorts recombined, it was the Sweetie Stop. 

After that, there was a bit of a loop, and then back through the wood to the on home.

Fines went to me (Stix) for getting confused about which son was holding my hand, and for the late comers, who were reminded that the trail starts at 11am and not 11.10!

On On to next week's hash on the Poachers Inn at Ide.  They're expecting us afterwards so we can park in their car park.  And Minxy asks that you wear something Christmassy!


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