Little Haldon Car Park - Double D - 16th November 2014

It was certainly the coldest start to a City of Exeter hash this side of the summer. But despite the chill, a good sized pack of around 30 arrived at the car park.  We were sure to get wet on the trail, given the amount of rain the night before and all the water on the road.
Hole in One was late again, and arrived with another change of hair colour!  But unlike last week's trail at Dawlish, Woodpecker arrived on time.  We started the trail off across the heathland, and soon found a fishhook - the first of many!  But when we looped back to find the hare, she was legging in in the opposite direction.  Not sure why!  Then a regroup on the side of the main road, and after waiting a while, we decided to move on.  Along the lane opposite and onto the old airfield.  There had been a couple of very short "longs" already, so Rocky and I decided to give the third long a try.  But this one was a bit more demanding, and set us running along some very narrow, water filled paths.  Rocky claimed he couldn't run along these, and so held the whole pack up! 
Another regroup - this one was in sight of the car park - a hash crime pointed out by "Oddballs" (Hole-in-one got confused over Oddbitz's name), and according to Woodpecker, one that carries the punishment of a crate of beer.  I'm looking forward to that next week!
Back across the main road, and we veered off to the left and followed another narrow, wet path downhill.  Lots more fishhooks on the way to the Sweetie Stop.  Double D told us that she had taken us here because there was a hidden chapel a little further down the valley, and some of the pack disappeared to look at it.  The rest of us ate the sweets!  Bollards told Rocky not to step on a broken wooden gate on the floor because it was so slippery.  He did - and slipped over and hurt his hand, and managed to squeeze out a tear.  Hole-in-one then smothered him in a cuddle! Bollards ignored him!
We headed back along the same path on the return up the hill, and took a short detour right before reaching the on home.
Lots of fines were awarded - with funds going to Children in Need.

On the trail (photo from Larks)

Hash circle
Hash Circle
Hash Circle


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