Little Haldon - 3D and family - 22nd February

Definitely not one of the Sundays that I woke up, keen to get out hashing.  Even Speedy was having second thoughts (Rocky just wanted to stay at home, but that's because he's lazy!).  Mutterings of "there'll be nobody there" and "I'm not hanging round for the circle" were heard during the journey up to Little Haldon.  But there were other hashers there (35 I think, including a virgin family!), and we did all hang around for the circle.
The hare told us that there were 6 or 7 long shorts!  There were fish hooks too, with little Runner Bean deciding that the number going back was to be 10 - rather more than 3D intended (given the avalanche of fish hooks that we had to look forward to).  On On we set, over some rather stubbly ground, immediately into a long-short split (albeit quite a short one).  Then back across the main road onto the old airfield.  The rain didn't seem to be getting any lighter, the wind didn't make it any better, and there were lots of complaints about cold hands.  A random conversation about a surprise pregnancy between Hole-in-One and Twin Peaks, more long-shorts, and we found ourselves back on the Luton road.  Heading up hill back towards the main road, there were at least 4 fish hooks, and then crossing over, we headed back on to the heathland, through some woods and to the sweetie stop.  Rambo kindly took the hash flash so that I could keep my hands warm (see below).  The rain seemed to be easing, but only for about 10 mins, but thankfully the sweetie stop was near the end of the trail, and we found ourselves On Home, back in very good time indeed for such a rainy cold day.
Of course, no-one could open the crisps and drinks with such cold hands, as we stood like fools in the pouring rain waiting for our GM to bring the circle together.  In fact, the Sheriff nearly cancelled it!! There many fines, dealt out quickly by Twin Peaks, including for the hare (no t-shirt), Coffin and Tampa (late), and Rocky (falling over).
Good luck wishes were made to all taking part in the Grizzly next week.  And for those of us with brains, the hash is a the lay by at Half Moon, with the On down at Hanlon's brewery (walking distance).  Map is here.  They'll be serving meals at £10.00 per head plus a big screen for the Ireland-England Rugby Match, ko is at 15.00 hrs
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