Exhibition Road - Geronimo and Emerald - 13th December 2015

Emerald took control of the opening circle and we were off before 11:05.  Highly unusual, but Woodpecker was already there, so it was all right.  If there were any late comers, they never caught up with us.

The trail headed over the railway bridge where we saw a black cat sitting quite happily in the middle of the track.  He (or she) must have been lucky, as they weren't there either whole or in part when we returned the same way at the end.
After several minutes of aimless wandering, we followed the hares with the longs heading in one direction and the shorts in another.  It was very muddy and slippery throughout the trail and there were numerous fallers.  Stingray went over twice in quick succession, but was brave and very proud of the mud that was all up his legs - a true hasher.
Another long short split followed the Sweetie Stop.  Apparently, the longs found a blue office chair in the middle of a field.  Speedy suggested acquiring it for the hash and would not be tricked into sitting on it for fear of a fine.  Meanwhile, the shorts finished their trek across the fields and headed into a housing estate, where Emerald jumped on a bike which was conveniently parked at the end of a track and left us to it.  (She was off to put the oven on for the garlic bread and to heat up the soup).
The trail then largely retraced its steps back through the playing fields.
Afterwards we all went round to Emerald and Geronimo's house for a spot of lunch to help them celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.   Congratulations!
Next week's trail is the Xmas trail from the Red Lion in Broadclyst.  Christmas Fancy Dress is mandatory!


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