Whimple - Spockybitz - 23rd September 2018

It was really cold this morning, and raining too.  This was supposed to have been the trail in The Bitz's new patch, but they have yet to move.  That's being saved up for the Autumn Gathering weekend! We welcomed Megaphone to the hash as a visitor.

Spocky explained that this was one of those trails where he was recce-ing and laying at the same time and that we were to expect a very long long, and another long that he'd given up on!  

The trail took us north out of the village, across fields, roads and tracks.  We found ourselves in a field of Christmas trees, or there was a good few of the Spocky-trademarked loops where he would appear like a "creepy old man" (Megaphone's quote) from the undergrowth.  Somehow, by the time we'd got to the sweetie stop, we'd lost Tampa!

He's found his way home though and fines were awarded for nerd naming, late arrivals, and going the wrong way (the second time round - Bullbait)

Next week the hash is from Pynes Hill, Exeter EX2 5SE **change of venue** SX951912 (map)

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