Hashing, and Rule of Six

Just a clarification note following the recent Government announcement on the New legislation ('Rule of Six'). This mirrors the accouncement from the Ramblers.

As an organised ‘outdoor physical activity events’, Hashig is exempt from the restrictions on social gatherings (from 14 September). 

See https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-meeting-with-others-safely-social-distancing/coronavirus-covid-19-meeting-with-others-safely-social-distancing

As we decided when we returned to hashing, the hash will continue to monitor the situation weekly, and take decisions accordingly. 

However Sunday's trail at Route 5 will take place as planned.
Route 5, Haldon Hill, Devon Expy, Kennford, Exeter EX6 7XS, UK (map)


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