21st September - Ideford Common - Groucho

Seventeen goodly hashers arrived today on a glorious sunny day, we had one new hasher ,a mere 7 years old called Jazmine, yes spelt with a z according to Miss Twin Peaks. Woodpecker arrived at 11.10(bwt)British Woodpecker Time, only to be out done by Baglady who decided to pass the meeting place and take in the sea air at Teignmouth. I didn't notice any increase in her performance having taken some of this intoxicing Teignmouth air, any she was fined by the acting Sheriff, one Spockybitz. We were also graced by the appearance of Rambo who took a good five minutes before exposing his upper body features.
All went very very well today until we heard a scream deep in the wood, the scream came from the tonsils of Spockybitz who has a thing about spiders, hence the scream. He was very brave and offered to protect everybody from the back of the pack. Fruitybitz and X-bitz managed to do a fish hook, bearing in mind they were walkers, what does that say for the rest. The sweet stop dropped in standard this week, no iced lollies but two packets of sweets of the same flavour! Groucho came out with the usual lame excuse.
Once back at the car park Emerald was doing her market stall thing giving away cooking apples, thanks Emerald. Mr Woodpecker was again telling us what he thought of his latest play in which he was, of course, no doubt a star. Those are my words not his. Anyway well done Woodpecker. On On


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