7th September - Lympstone CP - Groucho

The day started off with much better weather than we have seen of late and by the time we had all (eventually) gathered in Lympstone Village CP, the sun was even threatening to show its face. It was a great turnout with well over 20 hashers including a lot of children. Visitors also from Bridgwater H3, Ferret and Bangkok as well as our resident guests (is that an oxymoron) Sorepoint and Paperwork. Notable by his absence AGAIN was our sheriff, Odd Bitz, come back, there's going to be a hate campaign if I keep handing out many more fines!
We set off towards the estuary, up the hill and down again, with Groucho commenting to someone that he hadn't checked the tide tables while laying the trail! So much for a dot within 50m Groucho. After the back check up the road I knew it had to be along the estuary so I persisted and after about 200m I called the on on. This called for a few precarious manouveres along the bank to avoid any drowning incidents. I'm sure you ought to have been fined for that?! We then headed along the East Devon Way, hampered by a fish hook which Chad cheated on, back into Lympstone and onto a lovely little jog until we hit the next fish hook of the day. Up Quay Lane and down the other side and onto a hash halt.
We then headed off down to the mill, via the brook! Oh yes, you sneaked that one in didn't you! Some lightweights tried to cheat but they were duly noted in the fines book! Onto another hash halt where Twin Peaks was delicately deposited in the brook for avoiding the water previously! On through the mill field and onto the sweetie stop which was a lovely spot until we had our first ever incident of HASH VIOLENCE! Poor old Groucho was manhandled and subsequently ended up with a very wet outfit, a cut ear and probably botulism or some other horrid disease from the brook. We all stood there in stunned almost silence (well, you can never really shut hashers up!), before clambering through the brook as on on had been called.
We ran up the path to the road then up school hill onto Candys Field before arriving at Burgmanns Hill. I don't know what's been going on in that field but 3 peoples shoelaces all came undone at the same time.....ah yes....a fish hook. I don't think they realised the deputy was coming up behind them! Ha! Ha! All fined, they got their comeuppance though, there was another one 50m later! On from there down to the railway bridge and the long short split across cliff field. Tail Lamp chose neither of these options and made up his own 'medium' split, straight across the football pitch. A little jog down the hill towards the sailing club where we hit the On Home. By this time the sun had even come out so we all enjoyed a beer while the fines were duly awarded and Twin Peaks finally gave up the hand bag to someone else. Tampa was nominated for his misdemeanors of the day.
On Down was back to chez Tuned In (me!) and Radiohead (although he had gone AWOL). We had a bbq which I was very pleased how many of you came back, thankyou. I was instructed by the lord and master, don't be silly....not Radiohead...Groucho, to write that the food was lovely and enjoyed by all, so my bribe was money well spent. Ha! Ha! Special thanks aswell to Howling Wilf for providing a barrel of his home brew!
On On to next weeks trail at Stantyway Farm, Otterton. Chad informs us it will start at 11am prompt! Latecomers will face detention.


  1. Thanks for putting on such a lovely farewell for now treat for Paperwork and myself. The resident visitors will return - definately on Nov 2nd as you are joining us for a joint hash to celebrate Bridgwater H3's 500th run and again at Christmas - can't miss that extravaganza can we?! But beware - we might just decend on you unawares one week - just to check you're all still doing it properly!
    On On
    p.s. - excellent blog spot!


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