19th October - Cathusalem + Iron Lady - Stoneleigh Holiday Park

It was a chilly day as the hashers arrived in dribs and drabs at Stoneleigh. It did appear though that everyone arrived almost on time despite some confusion over the late change of venue! There were well over 20 hashers gathered for the hash circle where we spent 10 minutes receiving all hash instructions! Were we ever going to leave the car park some wondered?! Finally we were called On On and set off into the wind, round in a big circle and then onto a hash halt outside Cathusalems' abode where there were all manner of refreshments laid out, whisky, southern comfort, port, red wine, what a treat, thankyou Cathusalem!
The hash then set off again, through the donkey sanctuary and onto open fields. Poor little Itsy Bitz was suffering with a cold and this wind wasn't helping so X Bitz and Fruity Bitz had to turn back at this point.
After a couple of checks we found ourselves running out towards the cliff edge, luckily spotting the hash halt just before the edge! We had a regroup here before heading onto the long short split. The short heading straight down the cliff path onto the beach at Weston, the long heading inland before joining back up with the shorts. Meanwhile Spocky had run back to check out what had happened to the other Bitz.
Onto the sweetie stop on the beach where we all admired the view and scoffed sweeties. The only way from here was up and up and up! Onto another long short split and still going up. we ended up at Weston CP from there making our way back through the donkey sanctuary and OH to Stoneleigh. Spocky made it back in good time with the shorts, despite having taken a large detour!
Beer and nuts were consumed while Odd Bitz duly handed out appropriate (and inappropriate) fines. We also had a naming for one hasher who made the mistake of saying she still had no hash name despite coming regularly! That was silly, yep, she was named, 'Comes Regularly'! On On to next weeks hash at East Budleigh Village Hall.


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