1st February 2009 - Core Copse, East Hill Strips - Howling Wilf + Slipshod

A record turnout today despite the bitterly cold wind, 34 hashers in total as well as our 4 legged friends. No time was wasted at the hash circle as Howling Wilf gave us the run down, which included 'no fish hooks because I disagree with them'!!! Oh really????? Today, he had been ably assisted by Slipshod, a virgin hare. Off we set en masse over the road. With all the rain of late it was a bit boggy underfoot. We quickly arrived at the first long /short split, with the longs running down a long track, loop round and back up another long track, well you can't complain you hadn't warmed up.
Along the track led us to an arrow where we had to negotiate a steep bank that climbed up and up and up for a fair old while. Lucky our lord and master Groucho wasn't here today, he'd definitely have gone arse upwards! As it was, Chesty took up this mantle today and despite warning from Stat Nav of 'mind the branch', slipped forward and ended up on the ground!
On to a regroup at the top of the hill before we were called on on over the road. This led us onto a nice long stretch before another regroup next to a frozen puddle. This was where Pony Wire and Flour Power decided to try and jump over the puddle........they didn't make it! Both ended up with their feet getting a dunking in the middle of the puddle.
From here we headed down towards the firing range....yes the shots were getting louder by the second, I'm not sure if the hares were setting a booby trap for us???We arrived at a small track where there were some very dodgy looking 'youfs' sat in their vans/cars engines running, fumes pumping out. All looked a bit suspicious if you ask me.....never did figure out what they were up to? Mind you, I expect they wondered what on earth was going on with a crowd of adults, children and dogs wandering around looking lost, as we did for about 5 minutes until the hare came to our rescue and called on on.
Down the bank we went onto the lower track where we had another long / short split, though by now the firing seemed to be so close, Dirtband commented it ought to be a long / shot split! The long consisted of running down the huge hill only to find a back check at the bottom.....harsh, very harsh.
We met back up with the shorts to arrive at the sweetie stop. It was here JC decided to set the cat among the pigeons, or the jack russells among the hashers. As a dog walked by with it's 2 owners he and JC had a bit of an altercation. The owners got all stroppy and tutted and made a point of checking their dog over when they'd got past us. Bunch of pansies, there was nothing wrong with the dog apart from having a pair of po-faced owners! You tell 'em JC!
Off we went up the hill where needless to say there was a back check at the top. The trail went off up the bank to the side, another very steep one, I think Chesty did ok this time! On the track at the top we managed to acquire an extra hash dog, a huge fluffy looking thing. He was having a whale of a time.
It was somewhere around here that that a fish hook was found....remember.....those things Howling Wilf doesn't agree with???
Anyway, on we went through the forest where Emerald found herself a perfect little perch. One of the workmen obviously with a lot of time on his hands, had carved a tree stump into a little seat, see blog photos. From here we found the on home and all arrived back at the car park.
Only one fine was handed out to Ringpiece for a very out of character(!) stupid comment to Fruity.
On On to next week at Exeter Arena, Whipton.


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