5th April - Danes Wood, Killerton - Bag Lady + Twin Peaks

Summer has almost arrived we thought as we gathered in the car park in the sunshine. Over 20 again and a few new faces too. After a couple of late arrivals (Tampa) we received our instructions and set off. This first bit o the hash was to prove a little tricky as the dots were quite spread out. After calling on on the next dot took a while to be found as did the next and the next. Eventually we were onto check. New boy Stains was heard to say as he ran off at the front, 'what is it we're looking for?' Top marks for enthusiasm.
We ran through some fields before onto a hash halt before the field of cows. Here the hare asked us to walk and stick together through the next short stretch because of the livestock. I think this is the only time I have EVER seen Radiohead walk........and Tail Lamp keeping up with him!
On up the track where we crossed over the road into Killerton. We circumnavigated the lake, some cheats not quite all the way.....sheriff!!!!!! Then headed up the hill past Killerton where Blobhoblin was doing his best to recruit some extras along the way. They quite sensibly stayed sat on their bench. Whilst climbing the hill talk turned to cream teas and sausage sandwiches.....mmmmmm! Must've been the cafe being so close?
On up and up we went onto a long short split. There were comments from the hare about never laying a trail the day after the A2B again as almost everyone was walking. Eventually at almost midday we arrived at the sweetie stop where I must say, Bag Lady and Twin Peaks had laid on the most spectacular selection of sweets we have ever had on a hash! Rhubarb+custard, fruit jellies, boiled fruit sweets, jelly babies AND liquorice allsorts! After that sugar fix you'd have thought we'd have been able to buck our ideas up and actually run a bit of the hash.....no!
On and on we plodded, informed by Miss Peaks that this was half of the race for life course and very hilly it was too. After losing the trail a little at one point we had to wait for a bit of guidance from the hares who pointed us in the right direction.
Up and up we went......no more hills screamed our tired A2B legs! We came upon a lovely view point marked out by the hares where we had a photo stop and ate a few more sweets. Through some more livestock fields and finally up through the forest and on home.
Thanks for a great trail girls, it was good, sorry some of our legs weren't able to enjoy it to the max!
Fines were handed out in the car park, mostly it would seem to Mr Seaman, obviously named Stains....nice! For generally having lots of enthusiasm but not yet much understanding of all the hash symbols, calls etc.
There were naming down downs for Stains and also for Izaak who was named Dingbat due to his choice of Batman t-shirt for the occasion.
On On to Four Firs for Easter Sundays hash.
*****Only 14 places remaining for the Hash Weekend Extraordinare!!!****


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