17th May - Stowford Cross - Groucho + Spiggy

For the early birds at todays hash, Howling Wilf informed us that he has come to be the carer of, wait for it a FERRET, thinking of last week's blog do all potential spies need a ferret? Anyway this creature was found in or around Howling Wilf's environment, so if you have lost a ferret contact Howling.
Well so much for summer is a coming, perhaps its been cancelled judging by todays weather, lovely if you like water! Anyway, thirty-one persons turned up to get wet. Groucho seemed to take an age once the circle up was called, spending time guiding is son, T mouse, to the venue via modern technology which the sheriff didn't spot. (No because he was late!) After about five minutes we set off at varying speeds as per usual, although Tuned In did have a good excuse, body condition, rumour had it that she had been stung by a rather big bumble bee around her stomach area, but Radiohead suggested it was no bee sting, he should know as husband of the poor Tuned In (and she had swine flu).
Within five minutes the pack was very well spread out a pattern that continued for the rest of the hash. Up Yours took time to inform everyone she met that it was her birthday once she had caught up with them whilst Slipshod explained the cooking skills in making/baking a birthday cake only to tell us later that he was under the guildance of his two daughters. Once at the sweet stop we noticed that there was no Spockybitz or of greater importance no sheriff, Oddbitz, but no concern was shown by any of the pack, they jusy kept on eating the sweets. Once Spockybitz arrived he asked in his usual Spocky way, where are the sweets then. Silence descended on the pack until on brave hasher revealed that the sweets were now ex-sweets, they had gone to a better place their stomachs. Spocky just stood there in total amazement and silence, a very unusual sight to behold. Meanwhile there was still no sign of the sheriff, several hashers said that they had seen him, but that was last week. Then on the horizon a very lonely figure appeared, our sheriff, rain dripping from his badge of office. He said that he had lost the trail or was it trial, he was a confused man. We all thought that once on the trail of anything a good sheriff would follow it though, he was below par today, so we welcomed him back to the pack. However he was now surrounded by the pack so that he did not become wayward once more, we don't want a wayward sheriff now do we? We were told to check it out to which Slipshod shot uphill in the direction the Spocky and the sheriff had just come from having told us 'there's no dots up there'! Must pay attention more slipshod!
We all made it back to the car park looking a little wet where refreshments were consumed under trees swaying from the by now strong wind, Stat Nav actually got hit by a low flying branch. Here we were treated to birthday cake made by Flour Power and Ponywire for their mum, Up Yours, the pack of hungry hashers (gannets) demolished this in minutes. Happy Birthday Up Yours.
Finally don't forget to bring your own drink for the Tampa Birthday B-B-Q next week at Clyst St Mary. See venue list for starting point. Food provided, BYO beer.


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