3rd May - Uphams Plantation CP - Howling Wilf

There he was sitting in the car boot of his car, our hare, one Mr Howling Wilf, drinking a cup of coffee, he appeared at first glance to be in a oasis of calm. We soon put a stop to that. Gradually more hashers trickled into the car park until we called to circle up, by which time we had over 20+ all hanging on to the hare's every word, well they were hanging around anyway.
Chad set off at a blistering pace, most of us just followed the dust trail that was left in his wake. However upon reaching the first check there was Chad lost and confused, as luck would have it a very eagle eyed hasher soon found the trail as we headed through to woods, very pleasant they were too. They had however, rumour has it, been reading Woodpeckers Book of Cunning and created hash havoc several times as his band of pilgrims continued to lose the trail. At last we reached the top of what seemed like Mount Everest to be greeted with a long/short split, both routes involved more climbing with several hashers enquiring as to how far was it to the sweetie stop. The hare remained tight lipped. He would make a brilliant spy, not giving any secrets away even under pressure. Next came some welcome relief, some down hill dodging the trees before reaching a gully. It was near the said gully that Wellie, THE HARES DOG, was allegedly told via a secret signal, a signal that only spies would know about to take out several front running hashers.This was done with alarming speed, what a dog !
No sooner had this incident occured than we reached the sweet stop, what planning !
Once full of sweets we set off once more, going up hill of course until we crossed the road.Once over the road it was a piece of cake, well it was for those of us that took the short route back to the car park.
The Sherriff fined various characters for crimes committed during the hash, then we all headed home no doubt to find out how to become a spy and to get a copy of the Woodpecker Book of Cunning.


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