31st May - Whimple Station CP - Tail Lamp, Groucho + Shao Bo

Lovely sunny day today here in Whimple where 24 hashers gathered in readiness for the great sweat. Three hares were responsible for creating todays mess, all of which passed the buck to the other for a negative comments, as if our three hares deserve the same. We were graced today by the arrival of the Harrison Family who had come all the way from, wait for it, Whimple, nice to see you Harrisons. Also Gary, a new hasher turned up sporting a Newcastle United Football shirt covered in tear stains, never mind hopefully they will bounce back into the Premier League soon.
Radiohead set a blistering pace so much so that he encountered every fish -hook on the trail, what a hasher that boy is. His only problem was his lack of dog controlling skills, which resulted in his being fined no fewer than four times, all of which were 'Millie the Dog' linked. Tampa was caught using technology early in the hash, maybe to book his next luncheon appointment, anyway he too was fined. The considerate hares placed more than the normal number of hash halts today due they claimed to the environment conditions, what a load of............... .
Cathusalem stopped to admire the view of Whimple at one point then he and one other noticed that the pack had disappeared, but due to the collective cunning off the hares they soon caught up. Several villagers in Whimple appear to be some what puzzled upon seeing a group of nomadic hashers, in various states of dress and breaking the normal sleepy village with the cry of ON-ON. The sweet stop was welcomed with joy today with many hashers more interested in finding some shade.
Once back at the car park Spocky became acting sheriff which he launched himself into in his usual Spocky way, trawling in the fines. He even fined Groucho not being able to recognise the difference between a cow and a bull, telling everyone that we would encounter cows in fields on several occasions only to be informed that they were bulls of the young variety.

On On to next weeks hash at East Hill Strips.


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