2nd August - Peak Hill CP - Groucho

Well the rain held off and about 15 hashers turned up at Peak Hill CP. Groucho and Twin Peaks arrived back at the car park after laying the hash with very muddy shoes! A sign of things to come??? Then Twin Peaks announced she had to leave as she was off out for lunch...very nice too. Chesty joined the hash circle with 'normal' shoes on blaming Stat Nav for forgetting her trainers, well she had told him to put them in the car, what more instruction was required??? Luckily (for Stat Nav), Bush Baby had a (very clean) pair of walking trainers in her car that Chesty borrowed.
We circled up to receive our hash instructions to be informed by Groucho that there were ginger nut biscuits, chocolate raisins AND liquorice allsorts at the sweetie stop this morning, needless to say that over excited us all. We were told it was in flour, on the right but when questioned 'was it 3 and on' our hare looked to Spocky for guidance???? Was there a 3rd hare we hadn't known about??
On On we went with the hare following shouting out instructions he'd forgotton to tell us, fish hooks for 1st three. After some loitering by the knitting circle, on on was called and we headed off downhill. Lots of checks managed to keep us all relatively close together and before long we had arrived at the early sweetie stop. Early?? We'd only been going for 10 minutes. Anyway, we promptly found the goodie bag that had been hidden in the undergrowth. Perfect timing as always....Tampa arrived with Ben and William in tow.
After a quick hash flash, on on we went again through the trees and undergrowth emerging out onto the path again. At the next hash halt we were greeted by an enormous puddle where Spocky Bitz was loitering suspiciously, however, he was incredibly well behaved and didn't splash anyone. Tuned In found the trail from here and called the on on, it's a bit of a sad state of affairs when 'the pregnant one' is leading the trail, anyone would've thought she had inside information?!
I think the rest of the hash realised this wasn't how it should be because from then on the knitting circle was left miles behind everyone else! The knitting circle today consisted of Ring Piece (had a hangover), Chesty (knackered from 11.5 mile A2B) Tuned In (fat) and Horny Woman whose excuse I didn't find out I think she just thought we looked fun to be with!
On On we followed eventually reaching the on home where Horny Woman got so excited she twisted her ankle very badly, it must've been the conversation about ZZ Top (why???)
We circled up to receive our hash fines from acting sheriff, Stat Nav.
Once again a lot of stitching up went on. Groucho grassed up Tuned In for discussing ' Emily buying a new bag'. Tuned In fined Groucho for being deaf because in actual fact 'Emily bought a new BIB for Radio Ga Ga'. So then because Stat Nav fined her, Tuned In fined Stat Nav for forgetting Chestys shoes! Very confusing!
Spocky Bitz awarded the pink handbag to Stat Nav for taking the mickey out of him. There was rumour it was said that 'Spocky ran like a girl' as he ran past with the pink handbag. Stat Nav then said, 'have you ripped your trainers?' so Spocky turned round, lifting his heel off the ground and looking very camp with Stat Nav saying ' Hello Sailor'. I guess it was one of those things where you had to be there....but it was VERY funny!
On On to Pine Ridge CP, Woodbury Common next week with Spocky.


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