7th March - Yarcombe Village CP - Bush Babie

What a great Spring day at Yarcombe venue for todays hash. The sky was blue and hardly a cloud in sight as we gathered to meet up with Taunton H3. A total of forty plus hashers took part for this 11.00 am start, we sent twelve hashers, many of our lot were "doing" the Cub or the Grizzly. Yet we were graced with the appearance of a special guest in the shape of Chesty, nice to see you Chesty.
The start of the hash took us along the main A30 for about 200 metres, up hill of course, before turning right on to a narrow lane then continuing on to a footpath, more up hill of course. The views were great even if the air was thinner here on the top of the East Devon Alps, the considerate hare put in several hash halts which helped to recharge hashers body batteries whilst taking in the views. Once we had left the alps behind we headed along a ridge with valleys/combes to be seen on both sides before diving into thick woodland. Some how Tuned-In and Ring Piece were spotted at the front as the pack crossed the main A30 once more, they had in fact took a short short cut walking up the side of the A30. Soon after the road crossing came the sweet stop, the hare giving us a special bag of sweets claiming that the Taunton lot will gannet the lot if the chance presented itself. We believe that Stat-Nav bcame an honourary gannet, he loves sweets especially the alsorts variety. From the sweet stop it was all down hill towards the direction of Yarcombe. After leaving the wood behind we crossed over a series of stiles separated by fields of course, the fields being rather rutted. Finally the sight of Yarcombe church steeple was spotted and soon after that we were on-in.
PS. If anyone noticed the pub sign looking a little flat, that's because Ring Piece ran it over on our way in!!!! - ED


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