25th July - Warren CP - Tampa

There he was standing awaiting the arrival of any hashers, in fact he did very well, 32 hashers decided to turn up for a "Tampa Hash". There were of course several late comers such as Fruitybitz and Woodpecker, I'm sure that he,Woodpecker, is in a different time zone.
Anyway we had several new hashers in the pack today what they made of the rest of us god only knows, they got involved which was the main thing.The start was a little cofusing as just as we were about to set off Dr Jeykll asked if anyone had a mobile phone, which is of course a fineable offence, but she then explained that she had left the dog behind even though she had managed to arrive with her family.The confusing bit was that she wanted to ring her house, the pack were indeed then eager to know how she managed to train the dog to answer the phone. She given a phone only to find the line was engaged,perhaps her very bright dog had put the phone on paws.
Finally we were away at a check in the car park only problem here was that 100% of the pack went the wrong way thats to a false call, rumour has it one of the new comers was the culprit, back we all came through the car park whilst the public just stood in bewilderment as we, the pack passed by once more.In the blicking of an eye we headed for open heathland yet in the distance Isoceles was noticed coming back towards most of us, yes he had indeed found a back check, no more galloping of for Isoceles ! Next came the first of two long/shorts which split the pack in half, both routes continued on open heathland, as luck would have it the sun was in and there was a gentle breeze.We continued zig-zagging about the hare bringing his use degree of confusion to preceeding. Whilst in the zig-zag motion one hash was seen to disappear for what he rumour has it he described as a "natural break" only to emerge several minutes later with a grin on his face.The sweet stop soon beckoned our hare, Tampa, producing individual mini-packs of sweets for each of the hashers.Next came stream and bog jumping which then had an element of uphill thrown in plus a series of fish hooks,were Emerald eledted to pay a fine as she claimed she was to old to go down the hill to the hare: followed by a hash halt. Several minutes passed before pack were together once more.This gave Blobhoblin, todays acting sheriff, the opportunity to update his list of offending hashers, whilst inviting/encouraging others to tell tales.Once on the move, we soon came to the second long/short split, this time only about 10% of the pack went long, maybe several hashers by now had flat body batteries.At one point several hashers including Geronimo and Tail-Lamp took a detour to avoid a large area of water only to be spotted by the hawk-eyed Blobhoblin, who of course fined them
Finally we were back at the car park where drinks and goodies were consumed fined were meated out, the peace returned to the Warren Car Park.


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