8th August - Stoke Woods Upper CP - Twin Peaks + Bag Lady

Nearly didn't make it to the hash myself this week, underestimating how long it would take, and then going to the wrong car park at the bottom of the hill. I wasn't the only one to do that either! Chip Shop arrived to cheers and claps as he had cycled and it was a very big hill to climb. The hares gave some instructions which no-one listened to then we were checking it out. The on was called down the road and up into a field, the walkers taking a short cut down the road to be met up with later on. Can't remember much about this bit, but I know we came out in the woods and crawled around the undergrowth for some considerable time. Unfortunately, we distrubed a nest of bees or wasps or whatever, which were not very happy at us invading their space. They showed their displeasure by stinging about 7 of us unsuspecting hashers. A very nasty sting it was too - mine took over a week to stop burning and itching and that was only on my ankle. Others were stung in more hard to reach places which bore no inspection! Eventually, with much moaning and groaning about out misfortune we came out into a clearing with a suspicious looking portacabin with the short cutters/walkers sitting around on a picnic bench waiting for us. This was the headquarters of the Paintball site, and as there was no game going on, we were granted permission to hash all over their site. On we went, though a net tunnel, past various killing fields and on into the woods. Crossing the road we had more of the same eventually returning to the car park from whence we started. This is where the hares really tried to curry favour and keep their best hash trophy, by bribing us all with home made biscuits in the shape of feet - with either red painted toe nails or red bunions and also rocky road. I don't know if bribery is strictly fair, but the biscuits were fantastic anyway. Thank you Bag Lady and Twin Peaks for another excellent hash - but can we have one without wasps next time please??


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