Ashclyst Forrest - 19th Sept 2010 - Sorepoint & Paperwork

It started like any other City of Exeter Hash....except I don't think anyone was late! However, the Hares were not wearing the customary orange T-shirts....apparently they are running scarce. Although I believe Up Yours has got so many she is thinking of going to a car boot sale some time soon!

The usual instructions were issued by the hares; laid on the right (when Paperwork remembered), sweet stop, fish-hooks and we were told it was approximately 4.25miles long. We were told to check it out and hashers were seen running in all directions (ok - when i say running you know what I mean!!). Every which way but...the right one! When you look at the City of Exeter Hash attendees it is quite surprising that it has taken so long for this most noteable first to be achieved....we needed help from the hares just to get out of the car park!!

But once pointed in the right direction by Sorepoint it was across the road and On On! Dr Jeckyl taking up the role of an earlier front runner before Stat-Nav overtook her. No great surprise that a few seconds later the hash were lost again! Stat-Nav blaiming a kicked out back check - whatever! Sorepoint was soon on hand to point the hash in the right direction again and away we went.

After getting totally dis-orientated the hash was lead back across the road and down the hill. Down through the under-growth and Groucho was advised to mind the tree route. "What tree root?" said Groucho as he promptly caught his foot in the aformentioned root! We have missed you Groucho!

A little bit further on and the hash encountered their 2nd fish hook. It was noticed that Lilo-Lil avoided both the 1st and 2nd fish-hooks by arriving just outside the first 4. Welcome to the City of Exeter hash Lilo-Lil but was this beginners luck or an eye of experience avoiding the fish-hooks?

Not much further and we found the sweet stop. Mixed reviews were heard about the sweets....haribos are nice...liquorice is nice...but haribos liquorice, just don't do it. The left overs were thrown on the ground but even the dogs weren't interested in the haribo liquorice!!

After the sweet stop we twisted and turned our way around the forrest paths. Spocky was now talking his turn carrying Itzy, but this didn't stop him taking up the lead. He was just overtaken by Stat-Nav at the next check yet somehow convinced Stat-Nav to check out the least obvious route. A minute later and On On was Spocky from the obvious direction! Stat-Nav you fool!

In sight of the car park now but the hares had another trick up their sleeves. Back into the woods and JY Kelly is calling out On On! Out the other side of the woods and we found the bit of road the hares promised us at the beginning. This lead us all the way back to the car park and a well earnt beer.

And in the circle Spocky pointed out for the record that the hash was 4.25miles long...can you please be more accurate next time Paperwork!

A very good hash Paperwork & Sorepoint - enjoy your holiday in Tunisa and we'll see you both again at the Autumn Gathering.


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