14th November - Pine Ridge CP - Spocky Bitz

Will is this a first, a hare laying a trail on a bike, then following the pack on a bike,well Spockybitz achieved this honour for todays hash. He supplied loads of slippy banks, large pudddles, generally wet sums it up.Twenty-five galliant hashers still turned up even though the r ain was raining and the wind was windy, they must be mad ! The start of the hash was more like a hop,slip and jump course due to the state of the terrain it was a case how long until your trainers are full of water. The hare had put in two long/short splits the first of which was rather challenging so Twin Peaks informed me who took a good five minutes to recover, how quiet she was, most unusual, however once she got her second wind things returned to normal.Stat-Nav also had the signs of this "challenging "long, he looked like he had suffered a period of time in a turish bath, he was covered in sweat.Radiohead was fit for purpose today carrying Radio Gaga on his back although he did occasionally burst into a trot with Gaga bouncing up and down inside her water proof carrier. The sweets were eaten quickly today by part hunger part cold and wet surrroundings. Half way round the trail Groucho revealed that he had forgotten to bring/carry the pink hand bag, he was of course fined, and in told that he must carry the said handd bag next week. Very soon after the sweet stop, a dog, who will remain unnamed it is rumoured , took out Tuned-In and another hasher with both ending up on the ground having landed in dramatic style, with a cushion of soft mud to break their fall. As the pack continued on their on their muddy way in the distance could be hear the sound of a Gaga making un-Gaga like noises, but she was not on the trail, she was taking Radiohead and Tuned-In or was it the other way round ! Up the road and back to the car park,and into the car, a wise decision. Once we hadd all arrived back in the car park the decision to cancel the AGM was made due Itsy-Bitz had ch ickpox and that Groucho's son T mouse was home for the weekend before he goes off to Australia. Thanks for laying the trail Spocky, I Groucho can't remember whether I thanked you in the circle.The AGM will now take place on Sunday 28 November after the hash, venuee for AGM revealed on Sunday 21 November after hash at the Bowd Inn near Sidmouth on A3052 road(joint hash with Taunton H3)


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