31st October - Keepers Cottage - Groucho + Twin Peaks

Well before the hash had even started it was like a mudbath as we all tried to park our cars in the bogginess. Poor Groucho and Twin Peaks had been laying the hash in the earlier downpours.Tuned In was greeted with much more enthusiasm than usual, ah yes, that was because in The Bitz' absence she had brought the beer.
We had some visitors from Kirton hash, unfortunately the only name I remember was Dense.....no sorry, it was Dents! They also brought with them a couple of hash hounds.
After calling the rabble to order, Groucho gave us all the usual info and sent us on our way. The Kirton hashers, clearly not familiar with a C of E hash, let alone a Groucho one, set off at a rate of knots, promptly coming accross a back check. One Tuned In had found the trail and called it (yes I know.....a miracle) they all followed only to run straight into the first of many fish hooks.
After more of the same we started our descent, and kept going down hill further and further. There was some confusion here, blamed on Groucho by Twin Peaks for trying to lay the hash backwards!!!!! We missed a long short split and a lot of flour in between then an impromptu hash halt was called whilst everyone caught up.
On down a bit further where we found the first SST, sweet stop treat, this didn't go down very well as the treat was actually a trick! On down a bit further and the first casualty of the day where Tuned In promptly fell on her arse. On the long short split Stat Nav and Tuned In were following the co-hare who also wasn't sure where we were going but very kindly helped Tuned In accross the river. She also offered Stat Nav her hand then as he reached for it promptly took it away and pushed him in! That'll be a fine then.
Once we all met up it was on on to the sweetie stop, a real one this time. Groucho had even laid on games for us. Eat the donut off the plate without using your hands. Some managed this more easily than others and some of those posh folk even required a napkin after (are these REALLY hashers???). There were also all manor of halloween themed sweeties as well which were polished off before we set off on the uphill slog.
Heres where Scarf Face did her first acrobatics, over a tree root. Groucho wasn't long after and also tried to launch himself into orbit before Scarf Face did it again. I reckon he must've laced those jam donuts with something.
At the next regroup one of our visitors from Kirton hash was heard to be quizzing Groucho on his trail laying technique (does he have one???), it went along the lines of "What do you use to lay your trails then, a map? GPS?" To which the response of the rest of us was "nothing, that's why the hare doesn't even know where we are or where we're going!" Never mind Groucho, he obviously thought you were joking when you kept saying you didn't know where we were or where you'd been!
He did however manage to navigate us back to the the car park, not before we'd had to walk through inches of mud and water. Miraculously though the hares had managed to keep the rain away for the duration of the hash.
Stat Nav as deputy Sheriff handed out the fines, mostly to Groucho but Twin Peaks got one for trying to drown Stat Nav!
On on to next weeks hash which contrary to what the hare thinks(!!) is at Haldon Belvedere, parking at the bottom of the driveway to Haldon Belvedere.


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