13th February - Four Firs CP - Tampa

6th February - Peak Hill CP - Woodpecker
A fair number turned out for this windy (no - not a relic of the Christmas Brussels Sprouts) hash hosted by the inimitable Woodpecker. Indeed we were pleased to see three virgin hashers appear: Chris, Harriet and Erin as well as a full-house from the Up Yours clan (and a very big car parking space was found for them too so luckily no massive car pile ups this time round).
Groucho duly welcomed the gathered crowd before handing us over to Woodpecker for the day's instructions. We were to be treated to both a normal hash and a walkers hash. He did use other expletives to describe anything beginning with a "W" but deference to the virgin hashers prevents me from repeating such utterances! Anyhow the trail was in flour on the right, 3 and on, and first 5 for the fishhooks (as hashers couldn't be counted on to count any higher) but no long-shorts.
Just as we were sent on our way did we realise that there was no sheriff! Where could he be? Well in Stat Nav's absence Twin Peaks duly accepted the honour - a harsh lady indeed!
Across the road we went following the trail and were duly knocked back by the gale force winds coming in from the sea. We zigged zagged our way towards some shelter or trees and gorse where confusion reigned as hashers looked in vain for the trail - was it down the cliff? or maybe into the bush? Neither in fact as the trail was called on on alongside the coastal path. There followed a downward plunge into a little valley before climbing the hill again into the trees.
It was at this point that Stat Nav decided that he would, after all, make an appearance for the day and reclaimed his sheriffing duties for the morning. He was huffing and puffing a fair bit so we shall just have to wonder as to the reasons for his tardiness.
Some rather cunning backchecks were put in place to make us march up and down the hill although this was promptly ignored by Up Yours who, at the back of the course, could see a nice easy (and flat) way along the trail. Through the undergrowth we went before finding our way eventually to the regroup.
Well it seemed like an age at this regroup and no sign of the hare. This was not the first time Woodpecker had seemed to take an age to find the gathered crowd - he had form from the Boxing Day hash where he went off on his own for a while. We thought that today at least he should be able to find his own trail but several minutes passed before the hare came into view. Where he had been shall remain a mystery only he will know!
The trail was called on through a farm not long after having to heave our four-legged friends across a fixed and rickety gate. Past the farmer we went (he was the right one this time) and cross the field and up a rather long climb to the sweety stop. A fine selected of proper bagged sweets was passed round and enjoyed by all.
This is the point at which the group split asunder with walkers going one way and the proper hashers going the other. The writer unfortunately joined the walkers so missed all the frolicking and gallivanting of the proper hashers, the only noteworthy event being Puss in Boots startling a couple of white tailed deer from the undergrowth and sending them scurrying past the trail.
Onto the trail proper we joined the group and on home we arrived.
The usual fines for misdemeanours was handed round, the Sheriff having the honour to fine himself first for his lateness. There was then a naming ceremony for Dan whose name is now "Jerry Springer" in honour of his bunny hops down the paths.
Well that's all for this week - on-on to the next hash at Four Firs, Tampa as hare!


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