17th April - Tom Rookes Bottom, Ashclyst - FF+PP

How nice to meet at a new venue on such a sunny day surrounded by trees and the sound of birds singing. Twin Peaks humming added that extra something to the scene.
Talking of birds, no Stat-Nav again whats going on ! The pack was smaller today due to other things going on so our hares informed us, borne out by no Bitzs Clan at which point Groucho pointed out there would be no refreshments at the end of the hash. Our hares had thought ahead got some provisions in, well done hares. We formed a circle to receive our info about trail when the pack noticed two hashers had vanished, vanished into the forest. Twin Peaks emerged first followed by Dr Jeckyll heaven knows what they had been up to.
We eventually set off explaining the rules of hashing to Tail Lamp who had been away for ages, nice to see him back. After a few minutes we, the pack, became lost even PP one of the hare was cofused claiming that she didn't lay this bit, what an excuse. Later that same day we found the trail with Twin Peaks setting the pace once more assisted for a short distance by Baglady.
The hash pack were now moving like a well oiled machine until they came to hills, ditches, mud and of course brambles. We soldiered on to the sweet stop where our sugar levels were topped up ready for the big push back to the car park area. We all enjoyed this hash visiting new sights and geographical features, hills, as well as view points although some of us kept our heads down especially going up hills. Well done to the hares.


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