May 1st - Uphams Plantation - Radiohead

Over 30 hashers gathered for the trail laying return of Radiohead. We welcomed visitors including Cousteau, Dirtband and No Name of OVH3. While Radiohead was giving hash instructions in the circle poor little Radio Gaga headed for his voice, only to find on grabbing a pair of legs, that when she looked up in wasn't actually daddy.....or was it? Well, it wasn't Radiohead at least!
The hare assured everyone that the trail was only about 4 miles and relatively flat, some were not convinced, PP and FF having completed the Salcombe Coastal Marathon the day before had their fingers crossed that this was true.
Off they set with Cousteau finding the first back check.......then the second. The hashers were beginning to wonder if they'd ever find a check without a cross in it. They did, however, so off they set through a wooded copse, accross the model airfield and on on into uphams plantation where Cousteau and Dobbie were caught out by a fish hook. Thereon followed a crafty long, short split where the hashers were treated to two steep uphill climbs (where did this fit in the 'relatively flat' description Radiohead?) and another back check. On through uphams and it would appear Radiohead was actually telling the truth as some of the front runners weren't the usual FRB's, there was X-Bitz showing them how it's done.
The group passed through bluebell woods and mountain bike trails before appearing at the sweetie stop where Horny Woman, Tuned In and Radio Gaga were waiting, sweets in hand. The sweets had to be consumed at speed as Woodpecker was fast approaching! From here the longs had a good run in while the shorts also had a nice run but nowhere near as long.
Twin Peaks was the Sheriff for the day with her able sidekick, FF. Twin Peaks did her usual trick of fining just about everyone! We were also treated to chocolate cake as it was Itsy Bitz' 3rd birthday. We sang Happy Birthday which I'm not sure she fully appreciated?! Happy Birthday Itsy.


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