Sunday 4 December. Groucho at Obelisk Car Park

A bit chilly this morning as we gathered in the well known doggers car park.  That's dog walkers of course and not anything else that you might have been thinking about.  Groucho called us to order and a virgin hasher by the name of Ella was introduced by her proud grandmother Horny Woman.  A picture in pink she looked as well!  The trail was laid in flour, on the right as usual and look out for the planted golf ball along the trail.  There would be a prize for its' safe recover.
The on was soon called towards the obelisk itself, but no, a crafty check back sent us off piste and into the woods.  Scrambling over and under and through tiny gaps (the hare's assistant Miss Peaks is a hobbit you know, and can fit through much smaller spaces than your average hasher).  We soon found ourselves out on a proper trail again and there was Tuned In, Radio GaGa, Horny Woman and Ella striding towards us - can't be that way then!  Down Groucho's train tunnel admiring the various funghi along the way.
The Sweetie stop was reached and despite standing right on top of the goodies, Isoscoles was unable to locate the sweets so was ably helped by Quick Rucka.  Most of the sweets consumed, still no sign of the walkers so Miss Peaks bravely took the leftover nourishment and strided off in the general direction she thought the walkers would be in.  Never to be seen again.  Well, not by me anyway as they still hadn't arrived back to the car park before most of us gave up and went home!
A nice scrambly hash in lovely woodland.  Thanks Groucho.  A few fines were meted out by Oddbitz in his capacity of deputy sherrif, but the rest will have to wait until the MIA Twin Peaks is found and re-united with her Sherrif's badge.  The Pink handbag was passed from Slipshod to Paperwork, for his being a bit slow today (mainly due to the Devon A-B the previous day).  Coffin was awarded the prize for finding the golf ball, bobbing along in a puddle.
On-On to Oddbitz extravaganza next week at Squabmoor reservoir.


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