Sunday 22nd January 2012 Castle Car Park Woodbury Common -Spocky Bitz

I don't understand it, more hares are arriving earlier to lay their hashes.Spockybitz was out in the environs by 08.00 hrs, what does it all mean ? He appeared in the car park with only minutes to spare and covered in sweat, claiming he had just done seven miles, that old chestnut ! No pity was shown from the rather large pack, some 45+ at a guess. Our hare then explained that he had laid both a hashers and a walkers trail, what a considerate hare he is (or trying to regain his hare of the year title i think) Anyway we were sent on a merry way dodging through/between trees for the first ten minutes, best described as a general meander, then we climbed on and around the moat area of the castle remains before reaching open land. Before us lay what can best be described as bog, good honest bog the sort that is sure to leave you with very wet feet, need I say any more. This natural environment certainly spead out the pack some doing better, much better than others. As luck would have it there was a long short at the far end of this seemingly never ending bog which was greeted with relief by the likes of Groucho and Tail-Lamp who took the short route. Soon after we reached the sweet stop set in a nice wooded area where every hasher seemed to have a nose bag, it was feeding time ! Once off we were treated to a spell of flat terrain with the pack going along at various speeds passing trees on both sides of the route, very nice ! During this stage of the hash one scottish hasher, Haggis implied that she had passed the Last of the Summer Wine O's in the shape of Woodpecker,Groucho,Geronimo and Tail-Lamp, combined age of 280 years plus. Next came a climb and the sight of the car park, but no our hare was out for added value and proceeded to take us away from our goal and on-on and on-on, by now several of us were being subjected to flat body battery fatigue but I can report we all made it back to base.FF gave out fines,drinks were drunk and then we all went home for a lie down well Groucho did anyway.


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