Sunday 29th January 2012 - Harcombe CP off Haldon Hill - Woodpecker

It was one of those horrid mornings when all looked so grey; so cold; so uninviting to leave the warm sanctum of home, specifically bed, to go hashing. However, the warming thought of Woodpecker’s first trail of 2012, and that he was our newly awarded Hare of the Year 2011 would make the effort all so worthwhile. That’s what PP said anyway. I was still asleep!
First thoughts were correct though as it was so grey; so cold and so uninviting. The biting wind and chill up on Haldon Hill were extremely evident on leaving the car. 20 or so hardened Hashers of the ‘Woodpecker Appreciation Society’ braved the elements. Tampa, Brains and Coffin arrived late, which led to a family domestic later on as to whose fault it was when as acting Sheriff I issued fines their way. 

There was a fascinating discussion between Freeze Frame’s and Julian’s son Henry and Spocky all about cars; ‘CARS’ the movie. The fact Spocky knew as much about the movie as young Henry was rather worrying, yet also unsurprising. Without much hanging around the trail was briefed, 3 and On, Fish hooks for ‘N’ (everyone) and that the Sweetie Stop was approx 70% of the way around, so no need to panic if we felt the trail had gone on too long. The only ‘Long / Shorts’ were the ones Woodpecker was wearing!! 

On On and off we went, through the woods, bogs and shiggy. Skippy and Dobbie, like son, like father, led the pack, but soon copped the fish hooks which brought them back into the fold once more. Woodpecker was always pleased to see PP when she was ‘fish hooked’ as he always got a big hug, rather than the usual ‘high 5’. At times the trail proved elusive, but that was more our fault for not looking / checking, rather than our ‘Hare of the Year’ not laying another ‘Hare of the Year’ worthy trail. The cold must have affected out eyesight – it was there alright. 

So, at the estimated 70% trail completed stage lo and behold we were at the Sweetie Stop. Being there first, Skippy found the sweets, and it wasn’t long before the whole pack had arrived. I say whole pack; those walking had yet to show. PP went for a PP, and Spocky needed one as well. I pointed out to him where PP was using the ‘Ladies’ tree’, but where Spocky wanted to go he nearly found PP anyway. Was she using the ‘Gents tree’? Someone was using the ‘wrong tree’.

Sweets duly consumed, Woodpecker was rather anxious as to where the walkers were. Spocky decided to hold 10 seconds silence in memory of those ‘lost’ walkers, and to hold some sweets back for them. Skippy then decided to reveal that the sweet bags were already open when he found them. Woodpecker was saved from the brink of further anxiety, as it meant the walkers had been there and gone. Panic over, on we went for the final 30% of the great trail and On Home. 

Being that Twin Peaks was away, third week in a row – got Stat-Nav-itus possibly??? something Sheriffs seem to get at C of E H3, I stepped in as acting Sheriff.

Fines went to Skippy for the Sweet Stop incident, Dobbie for use of nerd names – calling someone ‘Tim’; EJ, for responding to the nerd name ‘Tim’, Tampa for being late, Coffin for trying to blame Brains for their being late, Spocky and PP for using the wrong ‘public trees’. Pink Handbag was awarded to Skippy in an attempt to slow him down somewhat.

 There were 3 namings – Freeze Frame’s family. Son Henry became ‘Booster’ (reference to CARS the movie and the attachments one car has), Son James became ‘Trail Blazer’ (he brought an O/S Map so as not to get lost; or to lead the way maybe?), and Hubby Julian became ‘Blanc’er’ (pronounced ‘Blonker’ – reference to his forth coming attempt to climb Mount Blanc, apparently without very much training – as told by him to Spocky. What a Blanc’er!!! – for telling Spocky that is!!)

A very enjoyable trail, and by my technology, around 4 miles through a very pleasant area of Haldon. Thank you Woodpecker. The best trail you’ve laid this year. On On FF.


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