Sunday 5th February - Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Tampa

Our gallant hare in the shape of Tampa took a fair maiden to help him lay,
to lay the trail I should correctly say.
Rumour has it he gave this maid lots of tips
plus of course a few dirty tricks.

She in turn was very impressed so I've been told
by the wonderful trail that began to unfold.
This maid was given all the signs by her tutor
signs on the trail that is,
long/short splits threw her a bit
But Tampa our hare made every thing fit.
Fit into place these the blobs of flour did do
even though our maiden didn't always have a clue.

The route over which this maiden did go was tiring she did say
I seem to have been on Woodbury most of the day.
With cunning plans Tampa did reveal,
reveal that a successful hash its more of a sprint, or was it a dash.
Well done to tutor Tampa, standing tall,
whilst our fair maiden Freeze-Frame survived to tell us all.

A poem cobbled together by What the Dickens Productions



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