8th April - Easter Bunny Trail, Four Firs CP - Tampa

The Easter Bunny had arrived at Four Firs in the bunny shape of Tampa armed with eggs of course as well as a variety of other goodies.Tampa the Bunny was today's hare or was it rabbit, confusing isn't it? I was a little surprised not to be running from the Warren ! Over thirty-five turned up for the eggcitement, and what a splendid pack they made, they were indeed an eager bunch which is rather unusual perhaps it was the eggs etc that had this strange effect on them.
Soon we were off with our acting sheriff Oddbitz soon writing names down for fines within the first five minutes. FF was seen to disappear at a rate of knots vanishing over the horizon and on to the first long, he loves going long so the rumours say, anyway he reappeared about 20 minutes later having traversed the hilly route with sweat leaking from his body. Also taking the same route was Woodpecker, the elder statesman of hashing, who rejoined the throng a further 10 minutes behind FF. I should add that Mr Woodpecker even found time to compose yet another poem, what a hasher! Meanwhile the sick,tired and injured took the short route reaching the sweet stop way in front of the longs, they, the shorts, of course devoured the bestest of the goodies.
At the goodie stop we did encounter one small problem in the shape of Brains who thought she was an Easter Chicken/Hen, we all did our best to sort out her difficulty and she has now stopped clucking.
Once we were all fuelled up with goodies via our bunny we set about the task of finding the trail, which took several minutes due to pack going into amble mode, strange the influence of sweets has on some members of the pack. Soon as luck would have it we heard the faint cry of and on-on it was PP as I recall, we followed not in hot pursuit, in fact I don't have words to describe our movement, best to call it slow with a hint of meandering.
During this stage of the trail Bollards informed several of the pack that she had " standard children", what ever they are, what do if you have a child of this type I wondered. Sticky and Gobbly both disappeared from the trail only to re-appear a little lighter, they were of course fined. How unsavoury ! There then followed a series of fish hooks with the same old faces running back to the hare/bunny each time, speed does not always pay I say, but were like young lions, with a "bring it on" attitude.
Finally we arrived back at base, the pack complete I can report, beer,crisps and more Easter eggs were given out together with fines of which there were many.Groucho announced that £10.00 had been raised in fines from a hash two weeks ago the monies going to Sport Relief.Well done Tampa for laying the trail etc.


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