17th June - Chez Bitz, Exmouth - Spocky Bitz

We all gathered at the residence of the Bitz family for todays weekly dose of exercise, only today we were promised a B-B-Q for afters with sunshine added in. True to their word these Bitz people produced both, and very good it was too. As for the trail, it's best described as an urban shandy, hints of green here and there. The bonus was that the hare promised the pack a pub stop on the way round, how does a hare bring a smile to the faces of a pack who discover that the pub was closed ! Anyway with our stiff upper lips and dry mouths we kept calm and carried on. Spockybitz was of course fined for this terrible crime of promising drink and leaving so many hashers in a thirstyday state or is Thirstyday a national holiday. Well done you Bitzs, I say, and so did the pack as they all tucked in to the food and drink laid on within the grounds of Spocky Hall.


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