Sunday 30th September Whimple station car park hares Groucho and Twin Peaks

A dry day greeted the hares although there was still plenty of mud around.Miss Peaks assisted Groucho in laying the trail.It was reported that a car was spotted being used for some of the time during this process. The trail was laid in good time, the two hares even finding time to relax(thats what they call it?) in the car park, however soon Lilo-Lil appeared in her walking gear breaking the news that she had recently fallen from a horse and hurt her personage and would walk the route, next came Clever Dick who also proclaimed that he too would be walking after falling in a hole on a night hash. I can report that all of the other hashers who arrived had not fallen over during the week, all we needed was a hasher called Humpty Dumpty but no such hasher arrrived. I can finally report that only our feet got very very wet which I guess is OK, and that no one fell over or was injured


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