Brampford Speke - Groucho and Beanbag - 22nd June 2014

Cor, what a scorcher.  A good size pack of about 30 turned up outside the primary school for our second Sunday lunch trail of the year. The hares had laid the trail in "bitz" (insert your own Spocky joke) so we just hoped that they would all join up.
There wasn't much enthusiasm to run at the start, or in fact at any point on the trail... It was just too hot. As we left the start, a few were remembering the rainy cold days earlier in the year where we didn't want to get out of the cars.
As we left the village along the footpath, the cool shade of the leafy track was fantastic. But there lots of flies... Time to keep your mouth shut! Lots of fish hooks too, and we were soon back at the school before looping out of the village again down towards the river and the sweetie stop. 
A good selection of sweets "on the beach" by the river, with the option of getting a foot and leg pedicure by the huge number of little fish in the river. Hole-in-one seemed to be making the most of it, or was she just going for a wee?
On on we continued to a long-short split, but not being able to find the marks in the field, we ended up rejoining the shorts. Back up onto the main road through the village, and another long-short. By this time I was too hot, so decided to take the short around the church and back home. Drinks were much appreciated and fines aplenty were dished out (I forgot to pay!)
The pub, despite only serving roast, was great - we had a table outside and the portions huge (including the children's).
On on to Woodpecker's 80th next week at Exton.
Regroup on the river beach - can you spot Hole-in-one in the river?

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