Prickly Ball Farm - Hole-in-one - 3rd August 2014

A new location for City of Exeter this week as a pack of 22 (including 3 celebrating weekend birthdays) met at the Hedgehog Hospital at Prickly Ball Farm, just off the Totnes Road and near Ogwell.  Hole-in-one was the sole hare as Fallen Boobies and Dropped Balls were called away.  So she'd been at the farm laying the trail since 8am in the morning.  She promised us a trail of between 3 and 4 miles, with "giant" entertainment laid on at the Sweetie Stop.  We were joined by visitors Zoot, Hotlips, Rise and Shine, and others that I can't remember.  Plus we welcomed "Rebecca" to the hash, who had hashed once before with South Hams.

The trail headed up the road from the Farm, towards the main A381, but then headed left through a field and round the edge of a wood.  We ran through a new development of houses (still shown as green fields on the map!), and into the slightly older housing in Ogwell.  We were soon in the middle of the village, and regrouped just before turning left along the main village road.  We turned right and went up a hill with some rather dry cow pats and dead-looking thistles at the top, before heading down the other side, and regrouping for a sweetie stop in the middle of the village fun day!  No-one there seemed to look surprised as we enjoyed our nuts and sweets next to the ice cream seller.  There was beer on tap and bacon butties to buy - shame no-one suggested bringing any money!  Hole-in-one got the birthday triplet a shout-out on the disco too before we continued on the trail.  We set off back along the road, avoiding the cars, to the Farm.

The sandwiches, sausage rolls and chips were enjoyed after the trail, and we sang happy birthday to Dad and daughter 3D andcChipmunk for their birthday today, and to Rocky for his birthday yesterday, in the usual hash way.  Some of us then had a look around the farm, and learnt all about hedgehogs - and had a stroke of one as well!

Groucho leading the birthday celebrations

The birthday boys and girl


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